Bulletin Procurement Notice for Street Lamps in Provinc…

Tender No.: ZJKP2009YW063G Tendering Agent: Zhejiang Kaiping Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Owner: Yiwu Lighting Management Office Registration Deadline: 2009-09-17 Area: Zhejiang Industry: Electrical and Electronic Equipment According to the "People's Republic of China Gove ......Reading more

LED Makers Branch Out Into Next-generation LED Markets

A recent report from The Electronic Times Internet - IT News Service (a Korean IT trade site) give some very tantalizing glimpses of increased competition and lower prices to come in power LEDs as more companies move up to the next generation devices due to a collapsing market For LEDs in mobile ph ......Reading more

Business Administration Administration Conference Room …

Title: Supplementary Announcement of Audio and Video Project (including LED) of Conference Room of Industry and Commerce Administration (II) Tender No.: B0900100326 Announcement Date: June 25, 2009 Deadline: June 29, 2009 Tendering Agency: Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce Province ......Reading more

Announcement of Comparison and Selection of Low-voltage…

Tender number:- Tendering agent:- Owner: Guangzhou Metro Railway Corporation Registration Deadline: 2009-07-10 Area: Guangdong Industry: Energy and Chemical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Mechanical Equipment The low-voltage power distribution and lighting system renovation project of th ......Reading more

Elecosn's new 5W dimmable LED bulb

ELecosn introduces the new 5WMR16 dimmable LED lamp, which is the only product that can replace the 50WMR-16 halogen lamp, which has similar illumination. If calculated according to the 24 hours a day, the return on investment is only 6 months in terms of energy savings. Since LED lamps produced ......Reading more

Tender Notice for Urban Building Night Scene Lighting S…

Tender No.: JNLXZY-2009-J0013 Tendering Agent: Shandong Chaoyang Tendering Co., Ltd. Owner: Jinan Lixia District Construction Management Committee Registration Deadline: 2009-07-10 Region: Shandong Industry: Water Conservancy Bridge Construction, Electrical and Electronic Equipment I. Purchaser: ......Reading more

What is a constant voltage output power amplifier?

The so-called constant-voltage output power amplifier refers to the number of rated output power and the output voltage in its technical specifications. For example, the specification of a power amplifier is such a standard: rated output power: 250W; rated output voltage: 1 ......Reading more