iOS6 perfect escape release

The foreign media gottabemobile reported that whether iOS iOS's perfect jailbreak was released was in fact not related to the release of iOS 6.1, which distorted the intent of planetbeing. Prior to this, jailbreak team iPhone Dev-Team member planetbeing had said on Twitter that his iP ......Reading more

Home appliances to the countryside to end new stimulus …

According to reports, the policy of implementing home appliances to the countryside for many years will end at the end of this month. The Ministry of Commerce stated that it will develop new consumption stimulus measures around green consumption, hot-spot consumption and Other aspects. CCT ......Reading more

Marvell: LED driver prices are 20%-40% lower than compe…

[Wen Gaogong LED reporter He Wei] With the continuous improvement of LED light source technology, the price of terminal lamps has shown a rapid decline. For example, an LED bulb that can replace a 60W incandescent lamp has a retail price of $40 in 2010 and a price of $10 this year. As the Chinese g ......Reading more

2013 Amazon Google earnings will grow significantly

According to foreign media reports, the market survey agency Gather recently released the latest survey results show that the world's major companies will be in 2013 to re-IT industry as the investment focus. According to Gartner's estimates, the total spending of global companies ......Reading more

iPhone or will come out mini version

January 5 news, according to foreign media reports, Apple may launch the mini version of iPhone in 2014. According to analysts, it may be that Apple is likely to launch the iPhone mini version in 2014 due to the high sales of the iPad mini. Prior to this, Apple had stated that it would s ......Reading more

TCL Group's LED TV sales in 2012 exceeded 10 millio…

[High-tech LED reporter Liu Qiaomei] In 2012, TCL Group's LED backlight LCD TV sales totaled 11.9721 million units, an increase of 153.86%. On January 9, 2013, TCL Group (000100.SZ) released the announcement of major product sales in December 2012. Data show that in 2012, TCL Group's LCD T ......Reading more