Green light box lights up Beijing subway

In the Wangjing West Station of the Beijing Metro Line 15 that started operation, the vivid figures and color pictures are particularly eye-catching. This is the LED energy-saving and environmental protection light box developed by Ruiguang Lighting System Co., Ltd., which has opened up new LED lig ......Reading more

Domestic LEDs are the first in the world's 50 count…

LED display, LED TV, and LED lighting equipment have gained more and more recognition on the global scale due to their energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, and the major LED manufacturers in China have also participated in many efforts. A few days ago, China's LED leading ......Reading more

Chip: From out-of-stock panic to gradual release of pro…

In 2010, the LED market was expected to grow more than expected by terminal applications, and most of the chip factories were not expected. On the one hand, the demand for LED backlights was stimulated by the product line of TV manufacturers, which caused the orders of Taiwanese factories to exceed ......Reading more

Introduction to the technical design of automotive wire…

Global automotive semiconductors face enormous market opportunities, but design engineers also face technical challenges in terms of cost, power consumption, and security. This article takes the latest intelligent transponders that can receive and send data as an example to introduce to Chinese a ......Reading more

Cree exhibited 160lm/W high efficiency LED

At the "New Generation Lighting Technology Exhibition" (Tokyo Ariake International Convention and Exhibition Center, January 19~21, 2011), Cree exhibited LED "XLampXM- with luminous efficiency up to 160lm/W". L”. The LEDs on display were the products announced by the compa ......Reading more

Shanghai Dongyin Center Lighting Reconstruction Project

Project information: Construction General Contractor: Shanghai Song Er Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. LED soft light tube and lighting control system integration supplier: Shanghai Guanglian Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Project: Shanghai Dongyin Center Lighting Renovation Projec ......Reading more

Smart Wireless Communications Targets Automotive Safety…

Security and confidentiality are now an important part of differentiated application solutions across multiple market segments. The automotive industry is no exception. The rapid acceptance of consumers has further promoted the development of many emerging hotspot applications in the automotive i ......Reading more