Mercedes-Benz's new generation of LED lights

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new generation of LED headlight technology, and firmly believes that its new generation of LED light source not only has the same illumination range as laser headlights, but also significantly reduces costs. Mercedes-Benz said that the new generation of led headlight ......Reading more

The development of airbags has changed a lot: from insi…

ZF-Tianco external airbags provide protection when the vehicle is hit by a waist This article refers to the address: http:// In the sci-fi movie Superman, there is such an impressive scene: when the car that Stallone drives into the building, the body sprays foam to form a strong protective lay ......Reading more

Turn waste into treasure, 12 old materials teach you to…

Sometimes this is the case in life, something that is commonplace, and suddenly you will find that it has another beauty that you have never discovered. So, don't ignore the ordinary things around us, just change the form and re-match, and then renew the new "light" color! New use of ......Reading more

Automotive electronic conduction anti-interference test

For the electromagnetic disturbance caused by conduction and coupling in road vehicles and their vehicles, anti-interference experiments are carried out to improve the electromagnetic immunity of automotive electronic components or systems. one. The specific power line conduc ......Reading more

Wu Changjiang did not disclose multiple agency sales ag…

NVC Lighting announced a series of sales agreements between the company and Shangyang as agents, and Shangyang was owned as to 48% by the wife of former chairman Wu Changjiang. As Wu Changjiang did not disclose to the company's then directors at the time of the signing of the various transactio ......Reading more