30-year-old Lenovo is young

In 2014, Lenovo undoubtedly became the focus of attention - the acquisition of IBM x86 server business and Motorola Mobile, restructuring of the enterprise structure into four major groups, into the cloud service market ... At the same time, Lenovo's brand promotion is also young, fash ......Reading more

Industrial-grade high-pressure cleaner works

The high-pressure cleaner is composed of two parts: a booster pump and a power drive unit. The function of the water booster pump is to form a certain amount of water into a pressure flow. The minute/flow rate and pressure of the pump means that the pump has the ability to pass so much wat ......Reading more

Briefly talk about various color processing technologie…

Although the LEDs are monochromatic, the LEDs of each color still have a half-wave width of about 30 to 50 nm, so the color saturation is limited. One, 3+2 multi-primary color processing method: In recent years, in the field of flat panel display, I am keen to discuss 3+3 multi-primary color displ ......Reading more

National Coal Operation in the First Half of 2014

Polaris Thermal Power Network News: Since the beginning of this year, the problem of oversupply in the national coal market has become increasingly prominent. The inventory remains high, the prices have fallen sharply, the economic efficiency of the industry has continued to decline, and t ......Reading more

Moving from data to data "on demand"

The famous Moore's Law of the 1970s revealed to people the greatest challenge to the pace of change and development. Nowadays, people face more complex problems. It is no longer simply related to the speed of technological development, but rather to the direction in which technology wi ......Reading more