2010 International LED Industry Technology Exchange Conference aroused widespread concern in the industry

The 2010 International LED Industry Technology Exchange Conference, which the industry's engineers expect, will be held on April 16, 2010 at the Marco Polo Good Day Hotel in Shenzhen. It is reported that this conference is a comprehensive technical seminar covering topics such as chip, packaging, optics, heat dissipation, drive, application design, patent analysis, standards and other hot technical topics. Throughout the entire industry chain, speakers are from both sides of the strait. Experts and scholars and senior engineers from famous scientific research institutions, universities, and famous enterprises at home and abroad.

According to the organizing committee of the conference, the number of visitors who have signed up for this technical exchange meeting has exceeded 800. It is expected that the number of participants will exceed 1,000. The audience includes senior management, senior engineers and senior marketers. Etc., mainly engineers and executives.

Mr. Chen, a research and development manager from a famous LED company in Shenzhen, said: "When I learned the news of this meeting, I immediately signed up with my colleagues and I am always looking forward to the meeting. I believe this will be the LED industry. A comprehensive technical exchange of learning, research and research." A senior engineer engaged in LED driver power research and development said that the comprehensive LED industry technology exchange meeting has not been held before. This meeting is the first time in the industry. The success of the conference will be a good impetus to the technological development and innovation of the industry.

The official website of the 2010 International LED Industry Technology Exchange Conference is: http://

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