2016 China Automotive Smart Internet Top Ten Trend Forecast

In the eyes of many industry people, after a series of preparations and accumulations such as questioning, controversy, enlightenment, follow-up, trial and error, 2016 is regarded as the new first year of China's automobile intelligent interconnection development, including product form, business model and industrial trend. In many aspects, it will enter the stage of substantive development, from concept to landing.

Speed ​​up the pace. More and more vehicles will be connected in real time, access online services, contribute data content, and enjoy the derivative value generated by big data; based on common interests and mutual understanding, the automotive and Internet industries will find a basis for cross-border collaboration.

The shuffle is intensified. Internet-connected applications and services will tend to be user-oriented, gradually phasing out the chicken ribs, from the front-end of the OEM to the smart hardware startup; the first batch of Internet-built teams will finish their first life cycle, but then they will survive, but then Dead, the left is king.

On the occasion of the great changes, Che Yunyin visited many authoritative figures in the industry and summed up the top ten trends of China's automobile intelligent interconnection in 2016. I would like to make predictions.

Ten trends

1. Accelerated integration of industry ecology

All parties in the industrial chain, including car companies and Internet companies, will be more active in cross-border cooperation and integration. For the relatively conservative automobile manufacturers in the past, accelerating cooperation with Internet applications, finance, insurance, used cars, various price comparison service providers, and even certified offline service providers can actually help their interests to win.

2, data openness enhancement

Data openness is the basis for the emergence of a valuable business model in the Internet of Vehicles. At present, Internet companies and startups have always been open to data, while car companies that were originally considered to be open and conservative in data are not leaking or harming vehicles. Under the premise of security, if we can find a benign model of mining data, the attitude towards data will also be open.

3. New business models emerge

As applications increase and users accumulate, the business model of smart connected products will change, and even free models will emerge. Specifically, hardware, software, and service providers in the front-loading field provide products to car companies free of charge, and auto companies use open data to report; after-installation hardware is lower than cost sales, in order to obtain more users and generate data. It is a high probability event.

4, the second generation of car network opens

If navigation, call center and other products are called the first generation of car networking, then the second generation of car networking products based on active security, camera, radar, control, induction and other tight coupling will accelerate development. It is worth noting that in the excessive process of the Internet of Vehicles products, some chicken ribs that did not meet the user's in-car usage habits will be gradually eliminated.

5. Localization development and cooperation

Joint venture brands, luxury brands are more closely aligned with local car networking companies, and began to consider the product orientation of the Chinese market. For example, when foreign automakers are looking for TSP suppliers, they will prefer domestic suppliers that meet the standards, so that the overall product application and services are more suitable for Chinese users.

6. TSP infrastructure reconstruction

The depot car networking service has gradually changed from a single self-built mode to a hybrid cloud architecture of the car factory's own platform + private cloud + public cloud. From a certain perspective, the change of the TSP infrastructure is the inevitable result of the technical demand after the user's demand for the product changes, the openness of the data is enhanced, and the value of the business model is derived.

7, smart hardware gradually mature

With the addition of BAT and other big gold owners, the purchase cost of intelligent hardware users will be further shared, the product experience will be optimized, and more and more intelligent hardware categories will enter the host factory system. On the other hand, the rear-mounted smart hardware has the coverage advantage that the pre-installed products do not have, so all parties will gradually improve the products in order to cover the users and obtain data.

8, user needs to wake up further

On the one hand, with the popularization of the pre-market education work and the improvement of product power, more and more users will have an interest in smart connected products; on the other hand, with the pre-installed and post-installed smart connected products gradually As we mature, user demand will be positively related to product strength.

9, the Internet car is facing shuffling

The first batch of Internet car-building teams will complete their first life cycle, but they will die, but only those with more funds and resources will survive. At present, capital and talent, R&D, and manufacturing are all strongly related. In the case of low orders in the early stage of enterprise development, resources directly determine the cooperative attitude of all parties in the supply chain.

10. National policy and strategic support

Policy support will include both technical standards development and infrastructure development. At present, in addition to the introduction of the relevant standards for vehicle networking in the Informatization Service Industry Alliance (TIAA), from the national level, the Ministry of Transport is working on the development of relevant standards, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is also planning to launch the development plan for the Internet of Vehicles.

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