2016 NXP FTF Future Technology Summit held in Shenzhen

The “2016 NXP Future Technology Summit 2016” hosted by NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) was held in Shenzhen today. NXP demonstrated the latest technological achievements and solutions in the field of semiconductor industry security interconnection to partners and participants. In recent years, the Internet, big data and cloud computing technologies have pushed human society to move toward a smarter mobile Internet era. As the foundation of intelligent mobile internet, Internet of Things and secure link technology are facing the increasingly wide and rapid demands of industrial iteration and update acceleration.

The summit coincided with the 10th anniversary of NXP Semiconductors. In the keynote speech at the summit, NXP President and CEO Rick Clemmer highlighted several important trends driving the company's growth: ADAS, Internet of Things (IOT), security, cars and payments. Richard Koreming said: "On the occasion of celebrating the company's 10th anniversary, we are more aware that innovation in the field of security and connectivity, partners, and the integration of the entire ecosystem are driving the evolution of the intelligent world and the company itself. The importance of the development process. Today we showcase the latest achievements of NXP in the automotive, IoT, payment and transaction technology at the FTF Summit, because we not only want to celebrate the company’s ten with customers, employees and partners. In the year, I hope to look forward to an innovative and smarter future with my colleagues in the industry."

At the same time, the summit also highlighted NXP's close cooperation with its major partners in China, and launched the latest solutions for IoT, automotive and smart kitchens.

Cross-border cooperation to jointly promote the establishment of China's connected car information security standards

During the summit, NXP joined hands with Changan Automobile and Neusoft Group to announce the establishment of the “China Automotive Information Security Common Interest Group”. This is NXP's first industry cooperation organization in the global market that focuses on hardware security and works with local automotive industry and software partners to develop standards.

The Common Interest Group will use the “4+1 Security Framework”, the highest security level in the automotive industry, as the core technology to create a complete automotive safety solution that includes industry standards, making it the world’s largest automotive consumer market and automotive producer. China's automotive industry technology and safety standards have contributed to the upgrade.

Multiple guarantees to jointly promote the construction of intelligent mobile payment ecosystem

During the summit, NXP and Xiaomi jointly announced that the two sides have realized a safe and convenient bus mobile payment experience on the subway lines of many major cities in China through in-depth integration of experience and cutting-edge technology. Since June, the user activation rates for mobile payment using “Millet 5” in Shanghai and Shenzhen have increased by more than 15% and 20% respectively. In addition, Xiaomi's recently released "Millet Payment" also includes the NXP eSE solution to provide users with the highest level of bank and transportation card account transaction security.

Experience upgrade, United States to develop the latest smart kitchen appliances

In the field of smart homes, NXP and Midea Group have made breakthroughs in the collaborative research and development of “Smart Kitchen”. NXP has brought subversive changes to its products through technological innovation: the “Semiconductor Heating Rubik's Cube” presented at the summit is the first result of the cooperation between the two parties. The product uses the MHT1004N solution based on NXP's RF technology. Small size, light weight and portability make the user a more convenient cooking experience. As an important milestone for NXP's cooperation in the development of "smart kitchen" solutions in China, the release of the semiconductor heating cube indicates that the cooperation space between the two parties in the smart home field will be even broader.

Integrate innovation and push new solutions for safe and connected cars

NXP announced the expansion of its industry-leading automotive motor control microcontroller portfolio with a broad portfolio of hardware, software and integrated motor control solutions to significantly accelerate time-to-market. With NXP's new integrated solution, a fully functional motor system can be built in just 10 minutes, radically simplifying system development and dramatically reducing design cycles.

In addition, NXP has introduced the NJJ29C0 low frequency transceiver to extend its leading edge in automotive safety access control technology to the vehicle side system. As a long-time leader in advanced key-side design, NXP has now implemented a system-wide solution that not only has a longer working distance and enhanced end-user convenience, but also lower cost and faster time-to-market for OEMs and Its Tier 1 supplier offers greater design freedom.

Improve energy efficiency and showcase the latest application products in smart city

NXP officially released the i.MX6ULL application processor solution. As the latest version of the i.MX6 series, the product uses a Cortex-A7 single-core processor, provides multiple memory interfaces and integrates energy management modules, combining cost-effectiveness, ease of use and low-energy success to enable customers' terminal devices Can provide a better digital interface experience. Compared to similar products on the market, i.MX6ULL can increase energy efficiency by 30% but at a lower cost, and can be widely applied to smart grid monitoring systems on a large scale.

About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) is committed to protecting people's smarter and more convenient lives through secure connections and infrastructure solutions. As the world's leading leader in embedded application security connectivity technology, NXP continues to drive innovation in the smart secure connected applications market, such as connected cars and IoT terminals. With more than 60 years of expertise and experience, NXP has operations in more than 35 countries and employs 44,000 people. In 2015, it had revenues of $6.1 billion. Please log in for more information.

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