64-bit 8 nuclear open Bor H9 evaluation 31514 running points + small Y game

At the Kaibor 2015 new product launch event, Kaibol innovation has boldly introduced the concept of “nuclear investment bank”, which has once again pushed the development of the TV box industry into a new development field and laid a leading position in the OTT industry. At the same time, Kaibor also took the lead in the “64-bit 8-core era”. Among them, the Kaibol H9 TV box is a 64-bit 8-core TV box with full-scale upgrade of performance and functionality. The sofa evaluation room ushered in open Bor H9, and will conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

As we all know, there are few products currently in the box industry "64-bit 8-core + Android 5.1", even if there are many restrictions on the price, and thanks to the "nuclear investment bank" alliance, Kaibor H9 in reducing the overall production cost of the box while No matter whether it is software or hardware, it will bring good performance to users. So is it worth the user to pay for the KBolle H9?

Kai Bor H9 TV Box Reviews

The KBolle H9 is quite luxurious in configuration, and is equipped with an RK3368 eight-core 64-bit processor, supporting eight Cortex-A53s operating at a peak 1.5GHz at the same time. The GPU is Mali-G6110, which can achieve the same processing performance as PCs. Strong "core" drive, open Bor H9 supports 4K resolution decoding output from the hardware, the maximum can achieve 4K@60fps video decoding output, support hard solution H.265, supplemented by 1GB DDR3 memory and 16GB flash memory, speed open online High-definition on-demand and 3D gaming experience, the latest Android 5.1.1 smart TV operating system and Kaibul exclusive development and design of the KIUI7.0 interface perfect combination, plus the box comes with a rich interface, the various smart applications thus launched .

Open Bor H9 TV box configuration

Below, please join me to experience a new height of the box - open Bor H9 depth evaluation.

Packing details

With the open blue horns, the opener Boer H9 adopts blue and white two-color pull-out packaging, and the top surface is combined into a “1” character in the form of a text barrage, symbolizing the determination of Kai Boer to be a “No. 1” in the box field. Kaibol has a full range of "domineering" in the box field. From the barrage contents, he can recognize various functions of the smart network set-top box, such as "smart TV system", "on-demand episode", "play games", and "high-definition decoding". ......

The upper right corner of the top surface is marked by a non-stick adhesive box and eight-core mark. The Kaibol H9 does not have enough “buntou” like other low-grade products. It is said that the good 64-bit is not marked here. It is the low-key luxury of Kaiboer. It is the real box for the user to make the best box.

The side of the box marks the five major features of the opener H9: HD movie, music appreciation, web cloud, dynamic games and multi-screen interaction. Although the low-end boxes in the market can meet these five basic functions, but when the five basic functions of the 64-bit 8-core + Android 5.1.1 open Bor H9, will give us how to perform amazing performance? The author is still quite looking forward to.

On the other side, Kaibor's concept of R&D and production of set-top boxes on the Internet is revealed: TVs can become smart and omnipotent in one second.

On the back of the package, the configuration parameters of the opener H9, the company nameplate, and the open Bor WeChat QR code are marked.

Open Bor H9 configuration parameters: 64-bit 8-core RK3368 + 1G memory + 16G Flash + Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Open Bor H9 packaging

Scan QR code to pay attention to Kaiboer Wechat and focus on the latest development of Kaibuler Box.

Local gold appearance

Kai Bor H9 uses a small size design, than the market to sell the box to the compact, body size is only 153mm96mm20mm, body selected aviation grade aluminum alloy material, supplemented by scrub technology, together with local champagne gold color, everywhere distribution A low-key luxury style.

The grainy feeling of the matte process is not as strong as the author thinks, but it can still play a good anti-injury effect for the general scratch. With the small and exquisite appearance, the open Bor H9 shows the beauty of overall harmony and exquisite beauty.

On the top of the open-Boll logo silk screen in the middle position, gray and gold against each other.

The infrared receiving window on the right side of the open-Korr H9 is concealed under the circular acrylic panel, displaying a passionate red fireworks in standby mode and light blue technical light at work.

The upper cover adopts an all-aluminum integration scheme to seamlessly demonstrate the manufacturing process of the United States. The rounded corner design effectively prevents right-angle scratches. The square has a circle, giving the impression that the bright golden edge has converged, but it still cannot be concealed. 64-bit 8 core brings unlimited imagination to users.

Rejected the side of the cube design of Cube, through the bevel processing makes the open Bor H9 more line sense, and the right height behind the antenna together form a streamlined design, add a beautiful landscape for the home environment.

The other side is affixed with open Boer H9 factory barcode and warranty label, the machine's genuine listing can be guaranteed, to provide the basic after-sales service to claim the mark.

The overall appearance of the opener H9 adopts a simple design. All the interfaces are on the back of the box. From left to right, they are DC5V, HDMI, LAN, USB2.0x2, AV interface, built-in 150M wireless network adapter, compatible with 802.11b/g/n, at the leftmost Standard fixed high-gain wifi antenna, open Bor H9 interface configuration quite satisfactory, but enough for general home use.

Unlike other boxes with plastic boxes, the bottom of the Korbor H9 does not have too many heat-dissipation holes, but the whole body of metal is used to derive the working heat from the body. The real-time cooling is no doubt more efficient than the heat dissipation through the cooling holes. high. It is also worth mentioning that the bottom part of the Kaibol H9 is not a flat design, but a bump, and in the middle position engraved product nameplates, four-cornered hard rubber feet, even more exquisite, highlighting the meticulous manufacturers in the design of new products.

The bottom hard flexible rubber nails can well prevent the opening of the Bor H9, and form a heat-dissipation barrier between the facade and the facade, which is conducive to a long-term stable operation of the box and a longer service life.

The listing of the iPhone6 ​​will push the “curvature” to the cusp. The Kaibol H9 is also equipped with a certain radian element at the “corner”. Although the whole looks like a Founder design, in terms of details, this is what the author has seen. For a profound product.

Open Bor H9 appearance

The open Bor H9 comes standard with: standard remote control, Power Adapter , HDMI cable, and some paper documents.

The opener H9 remote control adopts the standard remote controller manufactured by the drawing process. Buttons are divided into a television learning area, a television control area, and a numeric keypad area. All functions of the intelligent network set-top box can be controlled by a remote controller. The key presses feel very good, and the key distance is designed properly. The author did not accidentally press the entire test process. In addition, the remote controller is thin and thick, and it can be held by hand when the battery is placed in a raised portion, effectively preventing the slider from sliding.

Open Bor H9 remote control

Power adapter input 110-240V/1.5A, adapt to domestic and foreign use, output 5V2A, energy saving.

The standard high-quality HDMI cable that comes with Kaibul's custom-made standard is well-known. In addition to its outstanding performance in the set-top box industry, Kaibul's R&D and production of wire rods also perform well. This is equivalent to buying the rhythm of open-Borer H9 sending high-quality HDMI cable. !

Open Bor H9 Accessories

Manuals, after-sales services, Changping certificates of compliance, and quick-to-use guides are no less.

Open Bor H9 specification

system interface

KIUI7.0 is a human-computer interaction interface independently developed and developed by Kaibor, based on user needs, after seven generations of updates and optimization. It is a user-friendly operating system that has been evaluated by the author. When KIUI7.0 64-bit 8-core + Android5.1.1 will give us what kind of upgrade experience? From the author's experience, it seems that the simple and convenient operating style is still generally adopted, but it brings more mature changes in some details.

After opening the KBolle H9, it stays in a single window interface and is divided into three parts. The top right corner is the status bar (including memory cleaning, wifi status, U disk status, and Lan network status). The middle part is the application shortcut (except for the sofa butler). In addition to the weather forecast, other shortcuts can be customized.) The 7 navigation functions of the lower navigation bar (all apps, local media, settings, internet, my music, my games, my apps).

Open Bor H9 main interface

It is worth mentioning that in the state, the entire screen will be based on the weather forecast to do dynamic wallpaper display, such as shower weather, will be displayed on the entire screen as a raindrop live wallpaper, very vivid.

Kaibor H9 shortcut

The secondary interface for entering each function is shown in the figure below:

All applications

Local resources

Android 5.1.1 native settings

My game/my music secondary interface

KIUI7.0 has prepared an engineering mode for us, built a richer application APP, as long as the remote control opens the Bor H9's paper document, press the remote control to open the Bor H9 "1688" or stay in the navigation bar Press “Down, Down, Left and Right” in sequence, and download and install according to the prompt to enter the project mode. After entering the project mode, you will find that there are 3 more functions on the navigation bar, namely: 360 Application Market, TV and Video. .

Open Bor H9 TV function

TV features built-in Orange TV, want to watch TV, Yuki, Kitty live, TV and other TV live pre-installed APP

Open Bor H9 video function

Video features built-in mango TV, friends and television, TV cats, rabbit videos, small Y games and other video on demand pre-installed APP

Open Bor H9 top with RK3368 eight-core 64-bit processor, support 8 Cortex-A53 running at the peak 1.5GHz at the same time, GPU for the same level with the PC Mali-G6110, then equipped with the chip running in the hardware running under the objective of the software What about the outcome? Below the author through some conventional software to run sub-tests.

Ann Bunny

Ann Bunny is a software that professionally tests the ratings of mobile phones and tablet computers. It can perform UE testing (multitasking and virtual machines), overall CPU performance testing, RAM memory test testing, 2D/3D graphics performance testing, and data storage I/O. Performance testing, consumers can have a grasp of the device as a whole through security Bunny test software.

An bunny rabbit runs


Vellamo is a benchmark application that tests the device's JS, HTML5 capabilities, where the HTML5 module can be used to evaluate mobile web browser performance, and the Metal module can measure the performance of mobile processor CPU subsystems. Vellamo can evaluate scroll scaling, 3D graphics, video performance, memory reads and writes, bandwidth peak performance, and more.

Vellamo test


NenaMark2 is a hardware acceleration benchmark program for Android devices that tests the graphics capabilities of mobile phones by demonstrating a real-time rendering screen, including reflections, dynamic shadows, surface parameters, complex light patterns, etc., and requires Android 2.0 The above system and OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

NenaMark2 test

From the above three hardware running software can be seen, whether it is web browsing or video processing, or the game, open Bor H9 has a great advantage in the overall performance, up to 31,514 points of the security Bunny run points results have been in the objective This situation was elaborated. Is it consistent with running points in the actual combat experience? Please experience it with the author below.

As one of the most important attributes of the network set-top box, online video viewing is undoubtedly the most important basis for the user to care about whether the box product can survive in the market. From the description of the section “System Interface” above, it has been stated that after opening the Bork H9 into engineering mode, many contents available for online viewing are “released”, including Orange TV, TV want, TV, Yuki, Kitty live, TV. Home, Mango TV, Youpeng TV, TV cat, rabbit video, small Y game, etc., only from the video source "quantity", Kaibor H9 has already won numerous box products on the market, the following author through Mango TV, take everyone together Feel the online video experience that Kaibor H9 brought us.

Mango TV

Video Resources: Mango TV's built-in video resource classification is very complete, including carousels, movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, music, documentary, lifestyle, education, experience, finance, 1080P, microfilm, star library, Super League, concerts, etc. Channels, each channel is also divided into second-level directories, the amount of resources reaches one million levels, and also provides features such as film source search, viewing history query, and collection, allowing users to quickly locate the desired content.

Mango TV Movie

Thanks to the Android 5.1.1 smart TV operating system intervention, it comes with the ART environment running by default, bringing faster application installation/opening/running speeds. From the author's opening of the Mango TV, it is clear that the speed increases. The extent of this is not small, and thanks to the 64-bit 8-core processor's soaring of big data throughput at the same time, under the same bandwidth, video loading is faster and the picture is smoother and non-stopping.

Mango TV video playback

From the chip's point of view, open Bor H9 is supported on the hardware to support 4K and H.265 decoding decoding, which is undoubtedly catered to the development of science and technology and made the survival of the fittest - 4K resolution 4 times the full HD, showing the fiber The extreme clarity of the picture quality now brings you a more intense visual impact; H.265 is further advanced on the basis of H.264 encoding, and only half the bandwidth is required to transmit the same quality video. This will be the standard for future 4K online video. From this perspective, it seems that the KBolle H9 needs to be supplemented with a long period of time from now on. The following will use actual combat to examine the decoding capabilities of the Kaibor H9.

4K roast duck video decoding test screen

Thanks to powerful data throughput of 64-bit 8-core processors, during the test process, the open-Borer H9 has completed a 4K decoding and playback task smoothly. Not only the screen is clear, but also the colors are very rich. There is no warm and dark phenomenon ( The same TV is connected to different boxes.) Drag and play is not stuck.

Hard solution H.265 test

Hardware decoding H.265 eliminates the need for redundant software decoding, eliminating the need for system resources and providing smoother decoding. The opener H9 operates more smoothly.

In addition, the author also through a number of common video formats off the Boer H9 decoding test, all can pass, and Kai Bor H9 comes with a player very cattle X, support a key to switch inline/external subtitles, support a key switch Audio track.

Open Bor H9 music player

For some big dynamic, very fast response scenes, Kaibor H9 can still hold.

Large dynamic, transient scenes are well supported

The only fly in the ointment lies in the decoding and playback of 3D video. The Open Bor H9 supports 3D, 3D and 3D, and 3D frame encapsulation. The 3D effect also comes out during the test. However, the depth of field is not large, and the 3D effect is not obvious. However, for the moment, 3D sources are extremely scarce, so 3D elements can be appropriately relaxed when selecting network set-top boxes.

Support 3D playback, but the effect is not obvious

It is not too much to say that Bor’s H9’s right of sincerity is too much. It's already possible to explain everything just from the video resources. Then what about the game? Such a powerful "core" can not be buried like this! This we do not have to worry about, open Bor H9 game resources pre-installed small Y game platform, from Baidu's information can be seen on the small Y game platform is the domestic first A platform for customizing video games for players, through transplantation, currently has more than 1,500 TV games, and has fully optimized the remote control and joystick experience, if the network set-top box performance is powerful enough, it will bring a super-pleasant game Experience.

Small Y game platform

Small Y game platform is complete in category, logical, sub-theme, sub-category for the user to show the most comprehensive game, the first screen is to see the first category of games, including remote control games, adventure puzzle, handle games, exclusive Unlock the game, while the second screen is a large-scale 3D game, and the more intimate is that the small Y game supports the installation of large-scale games to the storage devices of the external USB.

Small Y Games

Categories: leisure puzzle, chess mahjong, unlock zone, fan zone, action fighting, children's puzzle, online games, racing racing, large games, flight shooting, sports competition, adventure decryption, role playing, strategy management.

Small Y game theme

The author downloaded a popular Fighter-style remote control game on the network and tested it. Whether it is to open the game speed or run, the whole process is very smooth, the picture is also very colorful, and the game experience is excellent.

Fighter machine

General evaluation evaluation
Whether it is local gold appearance or powerful internality, Kaibor H9 has brought us a new experience. In the field of eight-core highly competitive network set-top boxes, with the powerful performance of 64-bit R3368 occupy the technical commanding heights of the industry, supplemented with a new upgraded Android5.1.1 intelligence The TV operating system brings users not only hardware upgrades but also more open and better experiences in the software.

Kai Bor H9 Reviews

The new 64-bit 8-core processor + Android5.1.1 smart TV operating system to give the new height of the opener H9, online video, local decoding, 3D large-scale game can be opened, exclusive top KIUI7.0 system, define the super box, open the box sector highest The law - This is the Kaibol H9 intelligent network set-top box.

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