960,000 LEDs light up the main venue of Shenzhen Universiade

[High-tech LED News] The 26th Summer Universiade will be held in Shenzhen on August 12th. At present, 13 important venues have been completed. As the main venue of the Universiade, Shenzhen Universiade Center has three gem-type buildings, and the LED lighting system makes the three gem-shaped buildings more shining at night.

The LED light art work of Shenzhen Universiade Center is based on the theme of “Crystal Light • Yao Peng City”. The project was successfully created by the pioneering and leader of LED Light Art Works – “Yuexia Jingmu” light art creation team.

It is reported that this is the first time that Shenzhen has applied LED lighting system in large-scale buildings. Only the main stadium has adopted more than 23,000 sets of lamps, and the lighting area is over 110,000 square meters. A total of 960,000 lighting-grade LED chips were installed in the swimming center, gymnasium and sports center in the main venue of the Universiade.

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