All kinds of classic super-avant-garde lamps are big (Figure)

People’s attention to lights has always been stuck in shape. It's no wonder that elegant, simple or weird shapes can really add a finishing touch to the entire home environment. But the fashion-conscious designers can be uneasy about the changes in the styling. In addition to the advanced design concept in the style, this season's new lights combine lighting with other functions, which can be described as the “avant-garde” of the lighting world. .

A variety of super avant-garde lights

A touch of faint color can't cover the strong and persistent feelings; the feathers that float slowly can't stop the pity that is conveyed. After the candle light, our designers have designed such a poetic lamp. It is like blowing dandelion when used. Such a simple operation is to make your life very artistic.

Super-avant-garde lighting

This lamp is very interesting, and the design of this form will be touched by some touches, such as the tears of the bulb. Designed by Dutch designer Pieke Bergman. The designer uses water droplets as a design element, and the feeling is still flowing down, and it will drop if it is accidentally.

Super-avant-garde lighting

Super-avant-garde lighting

The German design company Next aims to design high-quality products such as furniture, lighting and accessories for high-end customers. For them, design is to achieve a perfect combination of organic form and geometric elements, and incorporate a little sense of humor, making a joke with people's perceptions.

Super-avant-garde lighting

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Traffic Lights

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