American company launches shoes with built-in GPS device

The world's population is gradually aging, and there are more and more elderly people. According to Taiwan's "Lianhe Evening News", after two years of research and development, the American personal positioning server materials manufacturer GTX launched the first shoe with a built-in global satellite positioning (GPS) device, which helps find missing elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The dual retail price is $ 299.

This GPS shoe was certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in September, and GTX has delivered the first 3,000 pairs of components to shoe factory Aetrex Worldwide for production, which has recently started selling. GTX cooperates with other manufacturers to promote GPS shoes. Omnilink is responsible for the maintenance of customer service phones and online stores, and MedicAlert provides a 24-hour search service.

Relatives or caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease can download the application to set up a "monitoring area", and patients can get a warning if they leave a specific area.

Karl, a professor at the George Mason University School of Health and Public Services, who serves as a research and development consultant, pointed out that these shoes can save lives, and also avoid the embarrassment and huge cost of searching for the elderly. In an interview with AFP, Carl said: "This invention is especially important for early-stage Alzheimer's patients with the highest risk of loss. They may live at home, but they are confused, and they may miss a few steps when they go out. day."

In the past, manufacturers introduced GPS bracelets or pendants, but the old people did not accept it well. Karl said that Alzheimer's will remove unrecognized items, so the GPS device must be hidden. GTX hides the GPS in the heel.

Karl said that the original marketing target of GPS shoes was children and long-distance runners. After his suggestion, GTX changed to lock the silver-haired family.

GTX Chief Executive Bertana said that the world pays $ 604 billion annually for Alzheimer's disease. With GPS shoes now, patients, families and caregivers can breathe a sigh of relief. Patients can rest assured that they can go out, and if they are really lost, they can easily find out by GPS. Families who do not live together do not have to worry about their loved ones.

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