Analysis: Integrated wiring system cable selection method

According to the "2013-2017 China Intelligent Building Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" data show that China's intelligent building industry market broke through 20 billion yuan for the first time in 2005, and it also grows by more than 20% per year, 2012 The market size reached 86.1 billion yuan. From the data point of view, smart buildings have developed rapidly in China in recent years, which also shows that smart buildings are a major trend in the future development of buildings.

Since it is a building, it will definitely use a lot of communication cables. As a nervous system integrated wiring system in intelligent buildings, it is a key part and infrastructure of intelligent buildings. It has a close relationship with the planning, construction, installation and maintenance of construction projects. It is like an information highway in a building where people can communicate and communicate easily, quickly and effectively. It can be said that the integrated wiring system connects the communication, computer and various facilities and equipment in the intelligent building to each other to form a complete supporting whole to meet the highly intelligent requirements.

But then we have to consider a problem: fire. Because of the fire in the building, the heat and toxic gases emitted by these cables will become a major safety hazard. Throughout the recent large-scale fire accidents in the country in recent years, many of them are due to the inability of the victims to escape, the burning of the cables emits toxic acid gases, and the large amount of heat and smoke released by the combustion, causing the victims to breathe, resulting in The tragedy happened. Therefore, when choosing cables for cabling systems, in addition to performance considerations, fire protection and environmental protection are also particularly important reference factors.

China's "Integrated Cabling Engineering Design Specification GB50311-2007" promulgated in 2007 introduced the level of cable fire protection and environmental protection for the first time. The standard recommends that domestic users choose different levels of fire or environmental protection cables according to different occasions. .

At present, the communication cable sheathing materials in the domestic market are mainly classified into three types: 1. ordinary (PVC) type; 2. low-smoke halogen-free type (LSZH/LS0H); 3. fire resistant. The selection of fireproofing or environmental protection grades for integrated wiring cables should be based on the actual situation on site:

1, overhead floor or ceiling

If the air-conditioning ventilation system is installed in the raised floor or ceiling of the building and the air-conditioning ventilation system is installed, the flame-retardant (CMP or OFNP) cable should be used in the raised floor or ceiling; if the building is used in the raised floor or ceiling Metal trunking/tube or fire resistant PVC trunking/tubes with optional fire rating (CM//CMR/CMP or OFN/OFNR/OFNP) cables. For buildings with environmental protection needs, such as crowded places (airports, subways, stations, hospitals, convention centers, etc.), it is advisable to use cables with LSZH rating when designing integrated wiring works, and metal trunking with fireproof function. Tube or flame retardant PVC trunking/tube.

2, vertical shaft

If there is a PVC trunking (line pipe) in the vertical shaft of the building, vertical cable (CMR or OFNR) or higher cable or fiber cable should be used in the vertical shaft; if the vertical shaft is a metal trunking/tube (or flame retardant PVC trunking) / tube), random fire rated (CM / CMR / CMP or OFN / OFNR / OFNP) cable can be used in the vertical shaft.


In an intelligent building, if there is no integrated wiring system, various facilities and equipment cannot operate normally due to the lack of information transmission medium, and it is difficult to realize intelligence. The choice of system cable has also become a factor that cannot be ignored. Here, we also remind everyone that in addition to performance considerations when selecting cabling system cables, fire protection and environmental protection should also be taken into account to improve the safety index within the building.

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