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The all-digital video surveillance system belongs to the centralized storage mode. The amount of data is large, and there are many servers for managing storage. A professional storage system is required to complete the storage of surveillance video.

In general, there are many monitoring points for urban road traffic monitoring. The data to be stored includes surveillance video, illegal photos, and management system data of the road monitoring command center. The storage management server in the command center can accept 100 to 150 video streams according to the hardware configuration, so the command center is configured with multiple storage management servers. If the DAS (Direct Linked) architecture is adopted, the space utilization of the disk array will be relatively low, and the upgrade and expansion of the storage system is relatively poor. Therefore, it is recommended that the user adopt the SAN architecture.

This solution mainly solves the problems of large-capacity storage of road traffic monitoring systems, data security of surveillance video and photos, expansion of storage systems, etc. by using professional storage systems, and can also meet data security level requirements of different monitoring points. Customize different levels of secure storage space, saving storage space.

1. Large-capacity storage, easy to expand

If you use a digital hard disk recorder and server to store surveillance video, you can provide up to 10TB of storage space. Especially after the hard disk recorder and the hard disk installed in the server exceed a certain number, the whole device will become unstable due to the heat dissipation factor.

With a professional storage device DC-4000 disk array, a single device can provide up to 50TB of storage space, and the entire SAN system can provide hundreds or even thousands of TB of storage space.

2. Implement secure storage

Professional storage devices provide a higher level of security for surveillance video. For example, RAID 6 can damage two hard disks without losing data, and the system can still be used normally. The Roaming feature removes the hard drive from the failed device and plugs it into the same series of devices without losing data on the hard drive. In addition, the unique thermal design ensures that the system operates safely in a variety of environments.

3. Take different storage modes for different videos

The entire road monitoring and control system will generate five kinds of data. The first is a photo of the violation. This kind of photo is of high importance and needs to be kept for more than 1 year. For the purpose of this data storage, RAID6 should be used for protection. Even if two hard disks are damaged, the data stored on it will not be lost and the system can be used normally. The second is a video of an important street intersection. The importance of such surveillance video is very high, and the amount of data is large. It is recommended to use RAID6 to protect surveillance video. The third type is the video recording of the road section. The video of this monitoring point is of general importance. It is recommended to use RAID5 for data protection. Even if the system is damaged by a hard disk, the video stored on it will not be lost, and the system can still be used normally. For the fourth type of video, since the importance of video recording is not high, there is no need to take protective measures. It is recommended to use the RAID0 format, which not only improves the speed of video storage, but also saves storage space. The fifth is the database data of the road monitoring command system. It belongs to data block data and non-regenerated data, so it is recommended to protect the storage space with RAID6, and the stored volume stripe parameters should be as small as possible. This not only improves storage performance, but also increases storage utilization.

This kind of storage mode that can provide different storage requirements according to different application requirements cannot be realized by traditional monitoring storage devices.

Storage device selection considerations

Since system integrators in the surveillance field do not have professional storage engineers and are not very familiar with the storage industry, it is recommended that system integrators pay attention to the following points when selecting storage devices.

1. Equipment management and maintenance is very simple

By selecting a device with embedded Web management function, you can install and debug the device anytime and anywhere without installing the software on the management terminal. Maintenance is very simple. All ERASTOR equipment does not require professional storage engineers to install and debug. With the telephone support of ERASTOR engineers, it is possible to teach system integrators or users how to install and debug their own equipment in 5 minutes.

2. Choose a stable quality equipment

The stability and reliability of the storage system is overwhelming. Especially when system integrators and users do not have professional storage hardware engineers, the security and stability of the equipment is more important. If the product is unstable and there are often minor problems, the cost of maintenance will be very high. The so-called Cable-less architecture means that there is no cable in the whole device. The connections between the controller, power supply, fan, backplane and hard disk are all circuit boards. Because the number of hard disks in the disk array is large, the generated heat is very large, and the transmitted signal is a high-frequency signal. For a long time, the alloy metal piece at both ends of the cable will have a large signal attenuation due to oxidation, resulting in system instability.

The stability of the storage product has a very large relationship with the production process. The production process can see the quality of the process from the neat printing of the circuit board, the spatial error of the connection between the various components, and the like. For example, the tightness between the hard drive bay and the slot has a very large relationship with the life of the hard drive. Because the disk in the hard disk rotates at a high speed, if the connection is not tight, the hard disk is easily vibrated, thereby greatly reducing the service life of the hard disk. In addition, if the backplane process is poor, the voltage and current fluctuations will be relatively large, and the life of the hard disk will be greatly reduced, and the system will often malfunction.

3. Select a more intelligent device

What is the Roaming function? For example, I have 2TB of data with 5 500GB hard disks as a group of RAID. If there is a problem with the device, you can pull out the 5 hard disks and insert them into any device in the same series. On the same, you can read and write these data. This feature maximizes the protection of users' data security and is especially useful for users who purchase multiple devices of the same brand.

Virtual volume technology was originally a technology used in high-end storage products. Due to the practicability and flexibility of virtual volume technology, it can be more and more applied to low-end and mid-range storage products. If the customer has more than 3 types of data, different levels of security protection are required, and the size and transmission speed of the unit data are also different. At this time, the ordinary disk array is difficult to meet the storage requirements of the user, and the array using the virtual volume technology is Can meet the needs of the application.

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