AOP launches outdoor lighting


This product is suitable for outdoor lighting such as alley lighting, park lighting, solar lighting and road lighting.


Optical design

The product is designed in a bat-beam mode and is the second, short-wave and cut-off in the IESNA classification. The pole pitch can be up to 4 mounting heights with a uniform illumination distribution.

2. Electricity

The product uses an open mode and a multi-channel constant current design to drive the normal operation of a single LED series circuit to ensure a constant current load on the LED. In addition, the luminaire features overheating and overvoltage protection with automatic thermal compensation to ensure LED life. DC to DC power efficiency can reach 89%.

3. Heat

The luminaire adopts optimized heat dissipation design. When the ambient temperature is 30 °C, and when the air is at rest, the surface temperature can reach 55 °C. The temperature of the lamp has a temperature change of 2 °C, and the LED junction temperature can be controlled. Below 70 °C. Since the temperature of the heat sink base can reach 70 °C, the lamp is designed with overheat protection and the LED current has an automatic adjustment function.

4. Lamp energy efficiency

The luminaire is ultra-high brightness, and the total energy efficiency of the luminaire can reach 74.5lm/W (excluding the circuit energy consumption of AC to DC).

LED light source: Nichia 083 (BT) x 24 ea

Beam angle: type II, short wave, cuttable

Color temperature: 5200±400 / 3000±300K

Input voltage: 12Vdc or 24Vdc

Power consumption: 26W

Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 50 ° C

IP rating: IP65 compliant

Net weight: 2.1kg

Output lumens (typical): 1789/1430

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