Application of NORCO Hardware Platform in Large State-Owned Enterprises Video Conference System


A company is a large state-owned group company. To improve its core competitiveness, ensure the rapid development of the group's business, and further improve the company's information development, it decided to deploy the group company under a wide-area network that has been established to cover a nationwide range of safety and reliability. Data, voice, fax, video conferencing and other services between the headquarters and domestic branches.

The videoconferencing system that is built requires good real-time performance and interactivity, and realizes the exchange of information between people, so that the videoconferencing equipment can be used between conference sites to exchange video and audio information and achieve higher efficiency. The purpose of communication transmission is to increase the utilization of network resources and office efficiency.

A videoconferencing system integrator in Beijing, using the industrial control hardware platform manufactured by North China Industrial Control, successfully completed the construction of this project and was well received by the group leaders.

System function

1. The establishment of a multi-point control unit MCU as the center and the use of packet switching can realize interactive video conferences on H.320 or H.323 networks. The port rate is 550 kbps. Has perfect business management and network management;

2, to achieve a full range of video teleconferencing: audio and video conferencing, electronic data, graphic data, etc.; each venue's screen can simultaneously display a number of venue screens; each video terminal can be equipped with multiple cameras, and can be switched; With multimedia presentation function, can demonstrate multimedia information during the conference; with whiteboard function;

3, video conferencing system can be achieved: point-to-point conference mode, multi-point conference, data sharing; can register the conference, control, split screen settings;

4, support for a variety of conference business models and flexible and convenient access methods, in the future can easily expand capacity;

System design principles

This video conferencing system uses RJ-45 port, IP connection, multi-point video conferencing server through the switch and router to connect with the computer wide area network, through a digital transmission channel, a star-shaped cascade of green.

The function of the multi-point video conference server: As a telecommunication-level multimedia information interaction system, a multi-point video conference control unit (MCU), an H.3xx gateway, and a conference control are integrated. With a unique carrier-grade broadband video bus architecture, it forms a highly reliable carrier-class service platform and provides API interfaces.

Hardware Configuration

Videoconferencing Endpoint Chassis: RPC-900 (4U Multi-Driver Positioning Chassis)
CPU Card: NORCO-740VE (P4 Industrial CPU Card)
CPU: P4 1.8GMHz
Memory: 256M DDR266
Hard Drive: 80GB

Server (MAIL, Data Storage, FTP)
Chassis: RPC-900 (4U multi-drive position rack mount chassis)
CPU Card: NORCO-740GVE (P4 industrial CPU card with Hyper-Threading Technology)
CPU: P4 2.4GMHz
Memory: 256M DDR333
Hard disk: 120GB


The establishment of a videoconferencing system by an enterprise can not only guarantee the immediate solution to the problems it faces, but also reduce the costs of personnel mobility and increase the safety factor. When the SARS virus began to spread, securing the security of mobile workers has become a problem that all companies must face. The application of a stable, reliable, high-quality hardware platform architecture provided by North China Industrial Controls is a irreplaceable alternative. the value of.

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