“Art of the tongue” spawns rice cooker industry upgrade

The food culture of the Chinese nation goes back to ancient times, and the art on the tip of the tongue is exquisite. CCTV 7 episode documentary "China on the tongue" provoked the taste nerves of countless Chinese people, miraculously pressing against the golden screen series and was highly favored by the people across the country. It can be seen that the Chinese people's piety on "the desire to eat in the mouth".

Chinese food grains, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, wheat, glutinous rice, and rice are firmly “occupy” our staple food recipes in ancient and modern times. With the improvement of living standards and consumption levels, satiating is no longer what the Chinese people are pursuing. How to eat well, eat flavors, and eat healthy becomes a new fashion. For food, taste and nutrition have become the top two choices for the public.

Accompanied with the improvement of living standards is the acceleration of the pace of life, and the emergence of rice cookers greatly facilitates people's lives, but it is not difficult to get such experience from daily experience: rice cooker cooking ingredients without an open flame cooking Delicious ingredients.

Is the modern technology products that we eat, which are delicious, healthy and convenient for food? On June 5, many industry experts and business people held a lively discussion on this topic in the “rice cooker (煲) industry consumption trend forum”.

Rice cooker (ç…²) special committee

Rice cookers turning to the “four modernizations” road with a bright future

Meidian Electric deputy general manager Li Dianfei said that now the rice cooker is delicious, easy to use, good-looking, and power saving has become a research focus of related companies. Focusing on these four key issues, the “four modernization” requirements of the rice cooker industry are derived, namely, intelligence, ease of use, fashion, and energy conservation.

He said: “The development of pots for Chinese people has gone through four stages: open fire cooking, mechanical rice cookers, smart rice cookers, and now is entering the fourth iH intelligent rice cooker stage. Now China’s per capita income is 480 US dollars, about 3,000 yuan, and with the economic development, this water will continue to improve. 3,000 yuan may not be able to buy a good house, a good car, but to buy a good pot, it is still possible. iH technology is not China First, it originated in another rice-consuming country, Japan.At present, the proportion of iH rice cookers in the Japanese market is more than 70%, and the others are mainly smart rice cookers. It is expected that by the year 2014, the proportion of iH rice cookers will increase. About 78%, while in the Japanese market, the average price of a rice cooker is 30,000-40,000 yen, or about RMB 1,700-1800, which is about 275 yuan more than the average price of a rice cooker in the Chinese market. The difference between iH and rice cookers is only 5.2% of the total sales of rice cookers, and the industry promotion task is arduous, but the future is very bright!”

The materials from the China Household Electrical Appliances Association are a better example of the bright future of China's rice cooker business. The data shows that China has “two firsts” in rice cookers (ie, China is the world’s largest producer). It is also the world's largest consumer country. Since 2007, China's annual rice cooker output has exceeded 100 million units, and maintained a high growth rate. In 2011, China's rice cooker output reached 183 million units, and net exports reached 38 million units, with a domestic sales scale of approximately 1.5. Billion, which means that one-quarter of domestic households have purchased rice cooker products within one year. In the first quarter of 2012, the output of rice cookers was 29.38 million units, a year-on-year increase of 3.15%. On the other hand, the rice cooker (煲) is also a small home appliance with a very high household ownership in China. At present, there are more than 100 households in every 100 rural households. China's rice cooker has become a mature industry with a complete industrial chain and a unique manufacturing scale. Compared with other home appliances, China's rice cooker industry is relatively healthy and the pattern is relatively stable. Take the data released by Yikang in the fourth quarter of 2008 as an example. At that time, the overall sales of Chinese home appliances fell by 18%, but the rice cooker industry achieved a growth of about 3%. At that time, the sales in the Tier 1 market also fell by 2.2%. %, but the 2, 3, and 4 markets have achieved an increase of more than 3%. In 2011, sales of smart rice cookers in the Chinese market increased by 9.2%, iH rice cookers achieved a growth rate of 200%, and mechanical rice cookers declined. At the same time, the 3rd and 4th markets have converged with the 1st and 2nd markets. The ever-increasing consumption level, steadily expanding market size and huge market potential have brought the dawn of the upgrading of the rice cooker industry.

The Star of the Future Shows the iH Rice Cooker

What are the advantages of the iH rice cooker as a future development trend compared with traditional rice cookers? Zhao Siming, a food science tutor from Huazhong Agricultural University, said that in the process of food maturation, due to multiple factors such as pressure, temperature, heated area, heating curve, etc., the phenomenon of pots affecting the taste and nutrition of food ingredients appears in rice cookers. The control of these factors has become the key to food taste and nutritional value. US company representative Chen Xiaoping said that one of the advantages of the iH rice cooker is the use of smart chips and sensors, dynamically adjusting the heating curve, pressure, temperature and other factors, so that the rice in the heating process continues to roll, with water, heat more fully, making rice The release of nutrients is more complete. In the same situation, the rice steamed out of the iH rice cooker was higher and more fluffy than the rice steamed out of other pots, and it changed to the “rice ball” shape that was always sticky together, showing a grainy granularity.

Beautiful iH Intelligent Rice Cooker

Shen Junyou, general manager of Supor Electric Division, mentioned that there is not much difference between China and Japan in making rice cookers. Japan is the sixth largest exporter of rice cookers in China. However, it is undeniable that the Japanese rice cooker technology is still ahead of China, which has a great relationship with the consumption level and cultural differences between China and Japan. China's consumption level is relatively low. Relatively speaking, high-end products have not become a trend. If high-end products are only converted into inventory instead of profits, it is obviously that manufacturers do not want to see it; at the same time, domestic professional after-sales outlets have not been rolled out and many consumers are worried about high-end products. After the sale of rice cookers is not in place, there is not enough promotion of high-end rice cookers in the public. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use the name of genuine companies to sell inferior and inferior products with low quality and high quality rice cookers. . These factors restrict the high-end road of China's rice cooker to a certain extent.

Promoting the industry to upgrade the establishment of a special rice cooker committee

The rice cooker industry urgently needs to be upgraded. Based on this, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association has established a special committee for rice cookers (煲) at the “rice cooker (煲) industry consumer trend forum” and Meimei has become the first rice cooker (煲). The chairman of the committee, Supor, Jiuyang, Galanz, Hongzhi and Zhanjiang Household Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Province are the deputy director units. The establishment of a special committee shows that China's rice cooker companies have "pulled in groups" to promote the progress of the industry, and seek to resolve the rice cooker industry tomorrow. It is also the only way for the Chinese rice cooker industry to become specialized and standardized.

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