Athletics show peaks these TVs can let you see cool Olympics

2016 was a year when the sports event gathered. We have already watched the inspiring European Cup, one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and the world-class volleyball match. The opening of the 31st Olympic Games, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, is now nearing the end of the world. There are 224 countries and regions in the world that will participate in this event. It is believed that sports lovers will be feasting on their eyes.

As the saying goes, good horses have good saddles. To watch the sports event held only once in four years, should we also replace existing equipment? For the vast number of consumers who can't travel to Brazil to visit this once-in-a-year sports event that should not be missed, an Olympic observatory artifact is indispensable. Next, I will introduce several new TVs, including the TCL C1-CUD series, which are reasonably priced, first-class, large-screen and ultra-clear, and use new technologies. I believe everyone will purchase them and will appreciate it better. Sports event.

For the TCL brand I believe everyone is not unfamiliar, it is reported that as the Chinese men's basketball team's main sponsor, TCL will be in the grand opening of the country from August 5 to 7 "no C1, no exercise - to seize the front row, as the champion Applause, "Olympic theme to benefit sales, suitable for watching the Olympic Games 9.9mm ultra-thin curved surface television C1-CUD unprecedented, with the majority of consumers to cheer together Chinese athletes, cheering for the Olympics. In order to allow the majority of sports fans to enjoy the wonderful Olympic Games, TCL will launch a trio cheering ceremony at the event. Details are as follows:

Celebrate the first gift: exclusive promotion price, on-site purchase of 100 yuan China men's basketball booster coupons, with coupons to purchase designated products can deduct 100 yuan, and enjoy the help of the men's basketball team, enjoy a variety of mainstream 4K curved TV benefits.

Applause salute 2: The men's basketball team wins 100 yuan. During the Olympic Games from August 6-22, the Chinese men's basketball team will return 100 yuan for every game they win. The men's basketball team wins N games and returns to N×100.

Appointment ceremony three: points against gifts. Purchase TCL products can receive points, in exchange for storm VR magic mirror, the United States drinking fountains, Fuji Polaroid and other surprise gift.

TCL55 4K HD LCD TV 8599 yuan

TCL L55C1-CUD 4K HD LCD TV Tmall Mall priced at 8599 yuan

TCL L55C1-CUD 4K HD LCD TV, which combines the industry's pursuit of "thin", "qu", while innovative image quality, chip processing technology, to create a new C1 thin curved TV. In order to realize the lightness and beauty of C1, TCL uses a brand-new design scheme to reduce the thickness to 9.9mm in a breakthrough manner, which will strike a perfect collision between luxury and beauty. It also uses a narrow-edged design to give a wider field of view when viewing. The back of the TV uses an alloy plate that exquisitely exquisitely crafted. Double Y-type base, structurally stable and simple atmosphere. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a perfect piece of art in every respect.

Some people in the industry pointed out that the Olympic Games is both a grand event in top sports competitions, and it is also the moment when ethnic plots and patriotic feelings broke out. When the national anthem is heard, every time the national anthem is heard, a kind of patriotic sentiment arises. Watching the Olympics on a national brand television can be a cheer for Chinese athletes and a cheer for national brands. This is undoubtedly the best choice. In many ethnic brand televisions, TCL's flagship product of this event, the 9.9mm ultra-thin curved surface television C1-CUD, is undoubtedly the best choice for watching the Olympic Games.

The users who experienced C1 said that they felt "like sitting in the front row of the stadium and feeling super strong on the spot". They watched the game in C1 and the rich scene atmosphere was blowing. It is understood that the C1-CUD creatively uses a 4000R gold visual curvature screen with the same curvature as the human eye, increasing the field of view of the screen by 15%. It is also equipped with a moon shadow surface sound to bring greater sound field resonance effects. The feeling of liveliness allows users to feel like being in the game scene.

As a star model for sports, the C1-CUD is particularly excellent in picture quality. This TV adopts a brilliant patented image processing engine equipped with TCL's exclusive patents to enhance the image quality in various aspects such as color gamut, brightness, and stability. It also integrates the full ecological HDR technology to realize content, hardware, and software to fully meet HDR standards. , to fully restore every detail, the most realistic Olympic stadium scene presented to each user. It has a 3840x2160 Ultra HD 4K resolution and uses MEMC technology (motion estimation and motion compensation) to avoid the appearance of tailing, jitter, trapezoidal contours and other issues, allowing you to better watch intense competition. TV also applies HDR high dynamic display technology, which greatly enhances the brightness of the TV, while reducing the darkness to adapt to the perception of human eyes, and better reflect the visual effects. The TV is equipped with a 64-bit processing chip, which allows for quick startup, smooth operation, large-scale games, and ultra high-definition video. These can all be easily handled.

The Olympic motto is higher, faster, and stronger. It not only inspires athletes to constantly surpass themselves and surpass others, but also calls on humans to become more courageous, more robust, and constantly enterprising. Therefore, the Olympic Games is both a sports event and a national fitness event. As a new generation of television products, C1 TV brings brand-new smart terminals to everyone. Its C exercise fitness application allows you to carry out a healthy journey with your family through smart exercise blankets, allowing you to experience sports without leaving home. It is equipped with Olympic sports such as badminton, tennis and basketball, and is equipped with a remote control with a somatosensory remote function, so that you can enjoy sports at home during the Olympic year.

Tencent video platform built-in TV, has a wealth of video resources to see all the information you want to see. The TV also has a synchronized cinema platform that can synchronize movies in the same period of the movie. Even without leaving home, you can have a home theater of your own, allowing you to see the movies you want to watch. It also has WeChat 2.0 Internet connectivity, allowing you to experience new TV play. Just use the remote control to gently shake and control the TV. The TV also has a Geyuehui platform, which has a rich library of high-definition MVs that can be professionally recorded and scored with a camera. It is an essential entertainment artifact for family gatherings and family and friends.

The WeChat interconnection function diagram is as follows:

TCL has made a great contribution to the Chinese men's basketball team and has held an unprecedented and sincere event of profit-making activities. It not only created a wonderful time for consumers to compete in the front row of the stadium, but also attracted many consumers. The Chinese men's basketball team cheered for the championship. The global revelry sparked by the Olympics is about to start. Friends who do not want to miss this carnival should step up and start the C1-CUD game.

Sony 65 inch 4K TV priced at 9879 yuan

Sony KD-49X8300C 49 inch 4K ultra-high-definition smart TV Lynx Mall priced at 9879 yuan

Sony KD-65X8000C 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. This TV has a 65-inch panel with an ultra-HD resolution of 3840×2160. It uses 4K processor chip X1, making the picture clarity, color, contrast, etc. are all vivid and stunning. The TV has a built-in 4K sharp image processing engine PRO to provide high-quality images with sharp and low noise. The TV also features the MotionFlow XR 800, which gives you a smooth and smooth viewing experience. You can also use the remote control to select programs and favorite viewing modes. It is built-in BASS REFLEX BOX SPEAKER low-frequency reflex speaker, the fine tone brings you in-depth contagion. It is equipped with Android 5.0 TV, the new smart interface is content-centric, and can be simple and intuitive, easy to operate, smart sorting applications and other functions. The multi-screen remote control of this TV makes it easy to connect smart phones and tablets, either using the TV to browse the web or using mobile devices to complete text entry. TV also has voice search, touch entertainment, audio and video sharing, rich application stores and other functions, so that a tall commodity worthy of your own.

Sharp 60 inch smart 4K TV 9699 yuan

Sharp LCD-60UD30A 60 inch 4K LCD TV Tmall Mall Price 9699 yuan Buy Link

Sharp LCD-60UD30A 60-inch 4K LCD TV, which has 4 times Ultra HD 3840*2160 4K Ultra HD resolution 4 times 1080P. The new narrow-edged design and stable base give the TV a light, elegant and concise look. The TV uses a wide color gamut of LED lights to better enjoy natural colors and enhance the proximity of the scene. The on-demand video on-demand feature on the TV enables smooth video viewing. It has a built-in dual-core chip and works with Sharp's Android 4.4 system to run faster and more stable. It uses a smooth and smooth processing system + intelligent enhanced contrast, allowing you to watch the image clear and smooth to reduce the occurrence of smearing. The TV is equipped with the Wisdom platform. Massive applications can meet your various needs. New UI icons for simple and clear operation. TV built-in dual-wire wifi, so that the transmission speed doubled. It supports HEVC super decoding technology, allowing you to enjoy high-quality video content. USB3.0 interface can connect the video of mobile device, etc. to watch on the TV.

LeTV 65 inch 4K Qu screen Super TV priced at 9559 yuan

LeTV X65 65 inch Super TV Tmall Mall priced at 9559 yuan

LeTV x65 Curved 65-inch curved screen super TV. This TV has a 65-inch large panel, with a resolution of 3840X2160 four times the resolution of 1080P, showing ultra-fine picture, restore a more authentic color world. TV has NTSC 86% wide color gamut, contrast ratio of 4,000:1, making the screen colorful and dripping, black and white. The TV is equipped with a new generation of 64-bit expert-class smart TV chip Cortex 6A938. The top CPU + top GPU brings powerful power, even if 4K video decoding of 60 frames is easily handled. High-capacity high-speed memory, new standard FLASH Memory, plus 802.11AC protocol can fully enhance the Wi-Fi connection speed, x65 allows you to enjoy the speed of the network experience.

TV uses MEMC technology (motion estimation and motion compensation) to avoid the appearance of tailing, jitter, trapezoidal contours and other issues, allowing you to better watch intense competition. It also applies HDR high dynamic display technology, which greatly enhances the brightness of the TV, while reducing the darkness to adapt to the perception of human eyes, and better reflect the visual effects. . It uses a HI-FI-class three-way design, with independent bass, midrange, and high sounds to give you the ultimate music and entertainment experience. Even with the TV's own sound, it has an immersive surround effect, and Deep, rich bass and clear dialogue. Let you listen to music, watch movies, play games with sound field and sound effects. He has a huge video library, allowing you to enjoy better video resources.

Samsung 65 inch 4K surface TV 9999 yuan

Samsung UA65JU6800JXXZ 65-inch 4K ultra-clear smart TV Gome Online Price 9999 yuan Buy Link

Samsung UA65JU6800JXXZ 4K ultra-high-definition smart surface TV, with a 65-inch curved panel, with super wide-angle visual experience, and 4K ultra-high definition resolution of 3840 × 2160. It uses an ultra-high definition image quality engine to meet your requirements for image quality. This Samsung TV has a built-in quad-core processor, which allows you to have a smoother and more comfortable experience. The faster operating speed makes all operations more flexible and quick. It uses a localized light control technology to optimize color processing, making black even deeper white and purer. Samsung TV has automatic depth-of-field optimization, which can make graphic images come alive and create a realistic visual experience for you. TV also has a resource-rich video platform - i-CNTV, massive video and content waiting for you to see. It has the same screen dual screen function, one screen can enjoy two functions. Samsung TV has various ports such as HDMI port and USB port to meet your different needs. It can play back the resources of mobile devices and computers, allowing you to easily review the content of happy times.

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