Austriamicrosystems introduces LED driver AS1115

The AS1115 can independently drive up to 64 LEDs with 16-key readback and detailed error diagnostics, making it the perfect single-chip user interface solution.

China - Austrian microelectronics, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of analog integrated circuits for the communications, industrial, medical and automotive industries, has expanded its comprehensive portfolio of LED drivers with the introduction of the easy-to-use user interface (UI) LED driver AS1115. The AS1115 integrates display driver and keyboard scanning to enable a complete panel solution, eliminating μP or other logic and discrete components, reducing BOM count and cost.

The AS1115 is capable of driving eight 7-segment numbers at a current of 47 mA each and driving 64 individual LEDs at a current of 5 mA per LED. An external resistor makes it easy to adjust the current. The AS1115 has an excellent accuracy of ±3%, and the difference in intensity between the LEDs being driven and between the LED modules is extremely small, greatly improving the image quality of the LED display. Whether it is global digital brightness control or independent dimming of each digital, a 4-bit PWM mechanism is used. In addition, the AS1115 provides up to 16-key readback for a single-chip UI solution.

The Austrian Microelectronics AS1115 has a unique feature called built-in LED error detection. Using a simple, intuitive, user-friendly software interface makes error diagnosis easy to do during normal operation. The solution detects any open or short faults in the multiplexed 8x8 LED array, while providing detailed error reporting and reading the location of the damaged LED, which greatly reduces test time during production.

Bruce Ulrich, director of marketing for the Austrian microelectronics standard linear division, said: "Due to the fierce market competition, today's consumer electronics or home appliance manufacturers are constantly facing the pressure to reduce costs. Most user interfaces require a display to display information and also need to be pressed. In addition, LED error detection is a very important factor in reducing the cost of testing, production and maintenance. The AS1115 meets all of these needs, helping designers to achieve more efficient and simplified set-top boxes, DVD players, washing machines, and drying clothes. Panel design for machines and microwave ovens."

The AS1115 operates from a single 2.7V-5.5V supply, with a supply current of only 0.6mA during operation and 200nA in shutdown mode. The AS1115 is connected via an I2C bus, and up to four devices can be attached to one I2C bus.

The AS1115 is designed for an operating temperature range of -40-85 ° C and requires minimal external components to minimize system cost. For ease of processing, the AS1115 is available in a QSOP24-lead package. TQFN (4x4)-24 packages are also available for space sensitive applications. For more detailed product information, download product data or get free samples from the Austrian microelectronics online store ICdirect.

Austriamicrosystems launches LED driver

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