Baidu's "Cloud Wisdom" integration development helps enterprises intelligently upgrade

In China, and even the global cloud computing market, market competition can be described as tragic, but Baidu is confident in the market competition of cloud computing.

On November 30th, the first Baidu Yunzhi Summit will be officially held at the Beijing International Convention Center. This is the first high-profile, industry-wide technology summit forum held in the cloud computing field after Baidu Cloud Horsepower was fully opened. With the theme of “intelligence, unlimited computing”, the summit will focus on the three technical fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data, and use this as a platform for innovation and cooperation to further consolidate the strategy of Baidu’s “Cloud Intelligence” integration development. The unique advantages drive the intelligent upgrade of various industries, thus accelerating the intelligent process of the whole society.

The scale of the domestic cloud computing market is showing a trend of thinning development. However, under the development of spurt and high heat, it is a serious supply shortage of domestic cloud computing. Foreign brands are hard to find in China, and domestic manufacturers rely on Internet customers based on their scale and capabilities. The end result is that a large number of companies are involved in cloud computing, resulting in a surplus. Moreover, there are not many cloud platforms that enterprises really need to greatly reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The lack of cloud computing supply is actually a technical problem. Baidu has an inherent advantage in this regard. Based on the Baidu cloud strategy of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, the focus is on solving the current situation of domestic supply shortage. Baidu Cloud's three intelligent platforms, Tianyi, Tianxiang and Tiangong, provide cloud services for the three areas of intelligent big data, intelligent multimedia and intelligent Internet of Things. Each intelligent platform is backed by Baidu's top technology. support.

In recent years, Baidu has successively used technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data for every level of business such as search, security, medical care, education, and unmanned vehicles, from information correlation analysis and sorting to user portraits and user behavior understanding. From computer vision to unmanned car operating systems, they have infiltrated Baidu’s “Cloud Wisdom” technology research and development results.
In January 2015, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong said at the "Baidu 2014 Conference and 15th Anniversary Celebration" that Baidu is promoting the construction and development of the mobile cloud ecosystem. Since then, Baidu has opened its core infrastructure technology to provide a full range of reliable and easy-to-use high-performance cloud computing products for the public cloud demanders. Baidu Open Cloud has begun to enter people's sights.

Not only that, Baidu has gradually used cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data technology for search, security, medical, education and other business levels, and Baidu unmanned vehicles that have infiltrated Baidu brain technology research and development results have attracted much attention.

Today, the two driving forces for cloud computing in China are: Internet technology enters the traditional industry, and second, connects consumers, which is also the primary demand of enterprises. In the context of the Internet, the thinking and technology of Internet companies are actually better than traditional IT companies.

As an Internet company, Baidu is best at connecting consumers. In the future, Baidu Cloud will also infiltrate the industry through this capability: First, the layout of content ecology, Baidu Digital Marketing Cloud customers are now covered by traditional mobile phone manufacturers, large Media traffic, TV stations, etc. Second, it is the layout of big data. Baidu Cloud's big data not only studies consumer behavior, but also focuses on the Internet of Things, especially big data analysis in industrial manufacturing.

Baidu Cloud's long-term goal is still the "Internet +" layout. To this end, Baidu Cloud will actively cooperate with more traditional IT companies to achieve win-win cooperation, and cooperate with the government and institutions to foster small and medium-sized start-up enterprises and expand their own ecosystem. Baidu Yunzhi Summit will focus on the three major industries of Yunzhi, and explore its penetration and application in the whole industry. I believe Baidu will further explain its technological advantages to the industry through Baidu Yunzhi Summit, and give new meaning to cloud computing. Not only that, but also will promote the deep integration of cloud computing technology innovation and the whole industry, and help traditional enterprises realize intelligence. Upgrade.

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