Benefited from the overall order growth Dingyuan February revenue increased by 18%

LED die factory Dingyuan self-contained February revenue of NT$206 million, compared with NT$174 million in January, a monthly growth of 18.3%, but a decline of 8.73% from the same period last year.

The company said that the overall orders have grown, of which, the largest growth in lighting components, up to 29.57%, product revenue of NT$111 million, while the light-receiving components, due to the low season, the growth rate is not large, only 5.44% The product revenue is NT$65 million.

Dingyuan's main products are divided into light-emitting components and light-receiving components. Among them, binary, ternary, and quaternary red-light LED dies are light-emitting components, which account for about 50%-60% of the revenue, and light-receiving components are light. Diodes, phototransistors, and Kina Semiconductor account for about 30% of revenue. The company pointed out that LED chips have grown significantly in the first quarter, but the light-receiving components will not be improved until the second season.


315mhz Antenna Description:
The head straight rod antenna it is to 315 MHZ wireless digital/special meter reading communication system design of the antenna.The antenna standing wave ratio performance is good, small dimension, structure, easy installation, stable performance, has the very good anti vibration and aging.
Frequency range: 315Mhz
Input impedance:50Ω
Maximum power input: 10W
Gain: 3dBi
Polarization: Vertical polarization
Weight: 10g
Lead wire:no
Antenna color: black

Interface form: SMA

Picture show:

315Mhz antenna

315Mhz antenna

315mhz Antenna

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