Breakthrough in connector manufacturer's innovation

Breakthrough in connector manufacturer's innovation

A connector is a component connection device used to transmit current or signal, and acts as a bridge between two components. It is also commonly referred to as a socket, a connector, and a plug. It is widely used in many fields such as home appliances, communications, and transportation. The market demand is large, but at present, China's connector production is still biased towards the low-end level. To achieve breakthrough development, where is the connector manufacturer's innovation breakthrough to be lower?

The first thing I have to say is the intelligent trend of connector production. The intelligent development of electronic peripheral parts is a wide-ranging cry for the use of connectors in many fields. For example, if the connector manufacturer can perform signal detection in advance during the operation of the connector and ensure that the power supply is started when the contact is completely completed, it is possible to prevent the plug from being connected to the power source to cause a loss such as burning.

Followed by another trend in the development of electronic products - the direction of micro-products. With the increasing demand for the small size and convenience of electronic products and electronic product accessories, and the connector as one of the parts of many products such as electric appliances and automobiles, the innovation of the volume development trend must be related to the development of the entire electronic accessories. The trend remains consistent to keep up with market updates. For example, mini-USB connectors on the market are currently moving in the direction of less than 0.3 mm. A typical multiple-contact expansion card slot connector is an important direction for connector innovation. His cost will be lower, but accurate. The degree of demand is also very high.

Of course, the development of wireless connectors has gradually become a trend, especially in wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Wireless transmission and wireless charging are also important competitiveness of many communication equipment manufacturers, and thus wireless connectors. The innovation must be the most selling point of innovation. In addition, the precision of connectors is extremely high in the industrial fields such as automated assembly, mold processing and stamping parts production, and such connector manufacturers should conduct in-depth and innovative research on the precision of connectors.

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