Changzhou building lighting adopts one-button intelligent control system

The reporter learned from the Lighting Office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau that up to now, the outdoor landscape lighting of nearly 200 buildings in various urban areas of the city has been included in the unified city landscape lighting and lighting monitoring system, realizing the “one-button control” of urban night lighting.

On the 22nd floor of the Jingu Building opposite the Zhongtian Gymnasium, there is a more than 10 square meters office. This is the control room for the city night landscape lighting. The wall of the office is the projector that displays the scenery of the city. The building location map of the lighting system, the staff operates the computer, and observes the real-time situation of the landscape lighting through the camera mounted on the top of the building.

The urban landscape lighting and lighting monitoring system is to centralize the “control right” of implementing the outdoor night lighting of the building into the computer system of the control room, to start or turn off the lighting through the program, and also to remotely install the telecom building and the Taifu Plaza. 2 wireless video monitors, observe the light or darkness of the light or damage, and find out the situation in time.

According to reports, after the use of the monitoring system, the urban lighting management mode has been changed from the traditional "patrol system" to the "value system", which solves the problem that the lighting of each building has to be guarded in the past, greatly reducing the workload. The real-time performance of the monitoring system shortens the discovery time and maintenance cycle of the fault, and changes the passive management to active management.

By monitoring the system software, you can control the opening and closing of building lighting at any time. It can be quickly turned on for special events or major festivals. It can be illuminated for 3-5 hours every day on Fridays and Saturdays to meet the diversity and flexibility of urban night lighting. At the same time, through the automatic patrol (every time) alarm and patrol, the building can be found in time on the electronic map and immediately notify the control personnel to repair, the facility can be found in time. At the same time, through the scalability and compatibility of the system, other departments can easily share the system resources.

According to reports, since the implementation of the urban landscape lighting and lighting monitoring system in 2003, the city has grown from more than 10 buildings in the year to nearly 200 buildings, and with the acceleration of urban construction, there will be more building landscape lighting. Enter the system to create the splendour and prosperity of the urban night scene. At the same time, all the lamps use LED energy-saving lamps to achieve low energy consumption while lighting the city.
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