Chengdu streetlights will be LEDized within three years

On April 5th, the reporter learned from the 10th Chengdu Lighting Expo held in the city that according to the plan, the street lights in our city are quietly changing face - a more environmentally friendly and low-carbon street lamp will gradually replace the existing one in three years. Traditional street light. The emergence of this change will create billions of yuan in the industry "big cake."

LED industry will drive the development of multiple industries

Yesterday, the reporter saw at the No. 2 Hall of the New Exhibition Center of the 10th Chengdu International Lighting Expo. More than 200 merchants from the manufacturing, sales and sales sectors all showed their "living" and attracted the attention of visitors.

"LED is a solid-state semiconductor device with energy-saving and environmental protection features. LED and related technologies have a great role in promoting urban energy conservation and emission reduction. As a new type of solid-state cold light source, LED has broad development prospects in the field of lighting. It has gradually become the hottest and most eye-catching light source in the world. It is considered to be the new type of solid-state cold light source that is most likely to enter the general lighting field in the 21st century." Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the organizer told the reporter.

"At present, the price of ordinary street lamps in Chengdu ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. The average price should be more than 1,000 yuan. The average price of LED street lamps is currently more than 6,000 yuan. There are nearly 80,000 street lamps in the city, if all are replaced. LED street lights, the capacity of this market is hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus the district (city) county streetlight applications and various landscape lights, the market capacity can not be underestimated." Yesterday, the city's urban lighting management personnel In an interview with reporters, he said.

Recently, the city also issued the "Chengdu LED lighting product application planning (2010-2012)", the "Planning" clearly stated: from 2010 to 2012, the city through the implementation of LED lighting products application demonstration project plan, promote the application LED lighting for lighting 400,000 baht, to achieve a demonstration project of 645 million yuan investment; within three years of the national "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities" pilot city, in the LED and related industries, the city will strive to break through more than 30 key industrialization technologies, Develop 50 key new products, and strive to accelerate the realization of the annual target of 30 billion yuan in the LED industry in 2017. The LED lighting application project involves new materials and new products with high-tech content. The driving force of the industrial radiation will drive the development of LED chips, metal materials, electronic components and transportation in the city.

Urban street lights will gradually become LED in 3 years

Recyclable “green” light bulbs, saving more than 90% of traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps... The reporter learned yesterday that as of now, the city has 13 new roads and Xiaonan Street in the High-tech Zone (Western District). LED street lights were installed in Dongchenggenxia Street and Changshun Street. The reporter saw in Changshun Street that, unlike ordinary light yellow high-pressure sodium lamps, the light emitted by LED street lamps is white and very bright. “Compared with the traditional light source, the LED street lamp has a service life of 50,000 hours, and the illumination of the light source is improved, which can save more than 50%. When the switch is turned on, the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp often takes one or two seconds to fully illuminate, and the LED street lamp can be instantly illuminated. Lighting." City lighting management related personnel introduced to reporters.

It is reported that this year is the start-up phase of the pilot project of the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” semiconductor lighting application project in our city. A number of LED lighting demonstration projects will be launched one after another. In the application promotion stage next year, the city will launch LED lighting projects including Metro Line 1 rail zone, Renmin South Road landmark building, Dujiangyan City and “Qingchengshan-Dujiangyan” scenic roads, and fully display LED street lights. The effect of tunnel lights and landscape lights. In the deepening pilot phase in 2011, the third batch of LED lighting demonstration projects, such as the renovation of the street lights in the central city and the renovation of the tunnels under the tunnels, will be implemented according to the development stage of LED lighting technology and the application conditions of the venues.

According to the plan, high-tech West District, Metro Line 1, Dujiangyan City, and Renmin South Road will install or renovate 4000 盏, 3000 盏, 2482 盏, 500 盏 LED semiconductor illuminators, and the LED lighting facilities will be more than 15,000 3 in three years.

Household LED lamp market will continue to heat up

In addition to high-power lights for urban lighting and landscapes, LED lights also have low-power lights for the home. The reporter saw a lot of environmentally friendly and novel household LED lights at the Expo. "In fact, the current technology of low-power LED lights is more mature than the high-power ones." A business representative told reporters. The reporter found on the scene that the same brightness is emitted. The LED light is much smaller than the wattage of an ordinary incandescent lamp. For example, a 50-watt incandescent lamp can achieve the same light effect, and the light is still More soft and natural. “Although the price of LED energy-saving lamps will make people feel more expensive, but considering environmental protection and energy conservation, families can still try to use them. I believe that with the development of the market, the price of household LED lamps will definitely become cheaper and cheaper.” The merchant representative said.

An exhibitor told reporters that because the accessories for household LED lighting are made of Jacques with higher technology content, there is no mercury in the bulb, it is more durable, it will not release harmful gases, and it can be recycled for secondary use. Conducive to resource regeneration; and the accessories for ordinary lighting are usually made of plastic. Therefore, many businesses and high-end hotels are already using LED energy-saving lamps. "With the increase of styles, the price of the people, I believe that the small power market of LED lights will continue to heat up." According to the responsible person of the organizer of the Expo. (Chengdu Daily)

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