Chongqing is dying to strictly control decorative landscape lighting

Different locations, the brightness of the street lights is different, and the decorative landscape lighting is strictly controlled. On October 27th, the Chongqing Municipal Government issued a notice on further strengthening the fuel-saving (natural gas) power-saving work, and advocated that the public places such as shopping malls should be shut down for 20 minutes before the business is stopped.

Before the end of June 2009, the administrative departments of the main city all eliminated low-efficiency lighting products. Before the end of 2009, all regional districts (autonomous counties) urban regional administrative agencies eliminated all inefficient lighting products. At the same time, all the road lighting and public places in the main urban area and the qualified districts and counties (autonomous counties) eliminated low-efficiency lighting products, and the city completed the transformation task before the end of 2010.

The Chongqing Municipal Committee will formulate urban lighting plans for the main city, rationally classify the city's lighting levels, ensure functional lighting based on road lighting, and strictly control decorative landscape lighting.

The Chongqing Municipal Government requires that natural light be used as much as possible during the day, and automatic control switches should be installed gradually in public area lighting. The government will also provide financial subsidies for citizens to purchase energy-saving lamps.

The city will not be able to meet the vehicle fuel consumption limit standard of the old bus, the city will be shortened by 2 years on the basis of national standards.

In addition, the main urban area will reach the fuel consumption limit standard for all operating vehicles by the end of 2010, and other areas outside the main urban area will reach the fuel consumption limit standard by the end of 2011.

For the use of electricity in public buildings that exceeds the air conditioning temperature control standard, a fare increase is imposed. Advocate public places to shut down air conditioners 20 minutes in advance before stopping business or getting off work, saving electricity.

If a new public building uses a central air-conditioning system, the user should optimize the design of the air-conditioning system. The municipal construction committee will conduct energy-efficiency evaluation after the air-conditioning system is completed. If the building does not meet the standard, it will not be accepted.

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