CNC plasma cutting machine CNC system composition and function

CNC plasma cutting machine CNC system composition and function

The composition of the CNC plasma cutting machine CNC system needs to involve many aspects. In the industry, we can summarize these aspects as the system configuration. For the CNC plasma cutting machine, the core system configuration may involve the following aspects: Servo system, control system, position feedback system, CNC unit system, etc., in order to allow users to better understand the role of the above-mentioned system components in the work of CNC plasma cutting equipment, the following Wuhan Jiabei De technology will explain:

1. CNC plasma cutting machine CNC unit CNC plasma cutting machine CNC unit is the core of CNC cutting machine, CNC unit consists of information input, processing and output of three parts.
The CNC unit accepts digitized information. After being decoded, interpolated, and logically processed by the control software and logic circuits of the numerical control device, the CNC unit outputs various command information to the servo system. The servo system drives the execution unit to perform the feed movement. Others include speed change, commutation, and start-stop signals for the main moving parts; tool command signals for selecting and exchanging tools, cooling/lubricated start/stop, loosening of workpiece and cutter parts, clamping, index table indexing, etc. Assist command signals.
Preparation function: G00, G01, G02, G03,
Auxiliary functions: M03, M04

2. CNC plasma cutting machine servo system The CNC plasma cutting machine consists of a drive and a drive motor, and forms a CNC cutting machine feed system with the executing parts and mechanical transmission components on the cutting machine. Its role is to convert the pulse signal from the numerical control device into the movement of the moving part of the cutting machine. For a stepper motor, each pulse signal turns the motor through an angle, which in turn drives the moving part of the cutter to move a small distance. Each feed movement execution part has a corresponding servo drive system, the performance of the entire cutting machine mainly depends on the servo system. For example, a three-axis cutting machine has three driving systems.
Pulse Equivalent: The amount of displacement that each pulse signal moves the moving part of the cutter. The commonly used pulse equivalent is 0.001mm/pulse.

3. CNC plasma cutting position feedback system (detection feedback system)
The angular displacement feedback of the servo motor of the CNC plasma cutting machine and the displacement feedback of the CNC cutting machine actuator (workbench). Including grating, rotary encoder, laser range finder, magnetic grid and so on. (Homework: Ask students to find feedback components on the Internet, and the next class will use 5 minutes to read the content)
The feedback device converts the detection result into an electrical signal fed back to the numerical control device. Through comparison, the deviation between the actual position and the command position is calculated, and the deviation instruction is issued to control the feed movement of the executing member.
The feedback system includes semi-closed loop and closed loop systems.

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