Combing Apple's big events and analyzing the world-famous profit data

Three of the five important rumors this week are related to Apple. In addition to the expectation, we have to admire Apple's influence in the industry. Apple's rumors have good news and bad news. The good news is that Apple is testing large-sized curved screen iPhones and iWatch. The bad news is that iTV has been put on hold because of the energy involved in iWatch. In addition, Sharp IGZO screen afterimage problems also lead to new iPad Mini delayed delivery, this is the real popularity.

There are also reports that Samsung and Apple control 109% of the profits of the smartphone industry. Although the mathematics of this data provider seems to be taught by physical education teachers, how to understand this outrageous data? From a purely mathematical point of view, is it ridiculous that Samsung Apple's total profit exceeds the entire industry?

Let's sort out the recent Apple big events and analyze the profit data of this report.

Apple is rumored to be testing a large-sized curved screen for a new generation of iPhone

According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, Apple is testing two sizes of curved screens, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, which will be used to update the iPhone product line next year, and release and time to market with this year ’s iPhone 5s and iPhone. 5c is similar. People familiar with the matter also revealed that Apple is actively developing a pressure-sensitive screen sensor, so that the phone's screen can sense the pressure (such as fingers) and light intensity applied by the outside world, and then react.

Chuan due to the development of iWatch, Apple shelved TV development plan

According to a recent report, Apple has delayed its entry into the high-definition television equipment market due to the large amount of energy invested in research and development of wearable devices. It is reported that Apple has decided to concentrate more resources on the development of iWatch smart watches, and this strategy has continued throughout 2013. In October of this year, an analyst said that Apple is developing 4K UDH TV products in 55-inch and 65-inch specifications, but apparently the plan is now stranded.

It is said that the afterimage problem of Sharp IGZO screen caused the delayed delivery of the new iPad mini

According to ETNews media reports in South Korea, Apple ’s supplier partner Sharp ’s advanced IGZO display technology has caused a problem with the branding of the screen, which has delayed the release of ReTIna iPad mini. Display burn-in, also known as burns and burns, is a permanent area damage that appears on the display of a cathode ray tube. The problems with the liquid crystal display also caused the output to go up, and Apple had to look for other suppliers.

Rumors that Nokia will launch Lumia 1820/2020 light distribution camera next year

After breaking the news that the evleaks leaked five new Nokia phone codes, foreign media disclosed that Nokia will launch two new machines at the 2014 MWC conference, namely the 8-inch tablet Lumia2020 and the flagship-level Lumia1820. The Lumia1820 has a metal integrated body, but the biggest feature is the light field camera, that is, it can focus after shooting, and other configurations are unknown.

It is said that Samsung will launch its first full-frame mirrorless camera NXF1

Recently, Samsung has put a new location model of digital camera in the product list on its official website. The product model is NXF1. This product is definitely an unknown digital camera product. Judging from experience. NX is the code name for Samsung's mirrorless camera, and F not only means full-frame. The final number 1 is also likely to represent Samsung's first full-frame mirrorless camera. This we think of the industry's first miniature mirrorless camera NX10.

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