Decomposition of the advantages of electrodeless lamps in the field of outdoor lighting

Recently, some netizens published articles in the forum saying that in the field of outdoor lighting, the current electrodeless lamp has more advantages than LED. What reason is this?

Both the electrodeless lamp and the LED are the fourth generation light source, and the LED and the electrodeless lamp have the characteristics of high energy saving, high luminous efficiency and long life. However, LEDs have not been very good due to the high-power heat dissipation problem. In addition, the high-quality chips of LEDs are expensive, which leads to an increase in the cost of LEDs. The induction lamp has great advantages in outdoor lighting, especially in the field of street lighting, factory lighting and tunnel lighting.

Why does the electrodeless lamp have such a big advantage as a street lamp?

First, the electrodeless lamp has a high power factor of up to 0.99. Therefore, the utilization efficiency of the electrodeless lamp is high, and an energy saving effect is achieved. At present, the use of high-pressure sodium lamps is more frequent in street lamps, although the color temperature of sodium lamps can be 2200K, and the penetration ability is strong. But the electrodeless lamp can also do the color temperature of 2700K at present, and the penetration is not weak.

Second, the effective light effect of the electrodeless lamp is higher. The effective efficacy of the sodium lamp is around 90 PLM/W, while the induction lamp can reach 150 PLM/W. This is one of the reasons why the naked eye looks like the 150W brightness of the induction lamp can be comparable to the 250W sodium lamp.

Third, the energy saving and emission reduction coefficient of the electrodeless lamp has reached the national standard, and the sodium lamp is completely unattainable. Although the LED can also be achieved, the LED-based light decay is severe, and the heat dissipation is not good, so the electrodeless lamp is the best light source for the street lamp.

For the above reasons, the electrodeless lamp has become the preferred source of choice for many customers. With the rapid development of the electrodeless lamp, the electrodeless lamp has already shown its advantages in road lighting, factory lighting and tunnel lighting.

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