Desheng signed a 2 billion LED sapphire and polysilicon project signed in Qinghai

[High-tech LED News] Sichuan Desheng Group invested a total of 2 billion yuan in LED sapphire and polysilicon two projects officially signed to settle in Qinghai.

Desheng Group said that the choice to build a sapphire production plant and a polysilicon plant in Qinghai is considered to be rich in resources and policy support. However, the capital of the two projects is very large, and the construction period will be relatively long. After completion, it will build a complete domestic LED industry chain in Qinghai.

Sichuan Desheng Group is one of the top 500 private enterprises in the country. It is a ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry. It integrates mineral industry, coal chemical industry, cement manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, real estate, tourism and international trade. Development of large private enterprise groups.

Ridging Machine for Agriculture:

ridging machine for Agriculture can improve the ground temperature and increase the air permeability of the soil, and our ridgers are versatile and used in farm land which is welcomed by ploughing farmers for its plurality of unique advantages. These ridging tractors are of small resistance and high efficiency. Our ridging machine also has advantages of racing against time, saving labor, working efficiency and low cost etc.

Ridging Machine for Agriculture02

Ridging Machine for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Weight: 240KG

2. Operating width: 1400 mm

3. Power: 36.8-51.8 KW

4. Size: 920*1690*1020 (mm)

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dry land, hilly ground and green house.


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Ridging Machine for Agriculture

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