Ding Yanhui: 2016, Ai Biesen "transformation" year!

A few days ago, Ai Bianguang's Ding Yanhui gave a keynote speech on the status quo and development of the LED market. Let's share the evaluation of LEDs by domestic industry participants.

Moderator: Please let me summarize Mr. Ding's speech today. His time is 15 minutes.

Ding Zong: Actually, I don't want to come up - because I saw everyone talking very passionately and enthusiastically. Since you have all finished, what else do I have to say? But seriously, there are actually many important things in this world that cannot be done by others. For example, to talk about this matter, I think it is very difficult to find such a person in this world, and tell my thoughts very completely and completely in his language. So, I am still talking about it.

I listened very seriously throughout the day. I know that many people also listen very seriously, although it is very hard. Some partners in our China business district, some partners in the United States, are bosses. I can feel everyone listening very seriously, so I use the process of today, in my language, in my language. to sum up.

I want to summarize it in four words. Which four words?

The first one, "sun". What is it? It is the sun that shines under the sun. What are we doing all day? In fact, this process is the process of drying. Our various departments, various leaders, the backbone of each Abisen, and various partners. Whether it's drying your grace, drying your beauty, drying your eloquence, or drying your speech level, or doing your advertising, drying your products. Anyway, I think, in fact, the essence, the fundamental, all these drying, in the final analysis, is drying your soul! Show your true thoughts, spirits, ideas, and deep-seated things in your heart. In the process, I saw that almost everyone has a common feature. This feature caters to the word "Awesome". I can feel that everyone is really telling his thoughts. So I said that the first word is called "sun" and the soul is sunburned.

The second word, called "turning over", turns the bottom of the family. Why do we engage in such a TED-style annual meeting, which is what I asked for. In fact, the purpose is very clear, that is, take our family out and turn it over. Everyone sat down together and took a look at what we have. Like they said, do we have nothing? Like they said, are we nothing? Still, as they said, we are rich and can be enemies. Is it too much money? Let's take a look at it, so it's called "turning the bottom of the house." We also saw today, our team, our backbone, our customers, our products. Of course, there is still our money, not drying out. In short, such a meeting, take our family out and take a look. On the one hand, our information communication, on the other hand, is very important, let us have a look at our organization, our products, our management, service attitude, we are confident; Let us also take a look at the people who are overwhelmed by our confidence. In fact, we still have a lot of places that are not doing well enough, and we still have a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, the second word is called "turning over".

Let’s go back to 2015 and see what we did. In the morning, everyone also showed:

I am very proud of our SAP system. We built this system and laid a very good foundation for our rapid globalization, internationalization, and standardization of management in the future. It's like we have to build a 20-story building. If our foundation is only allowed to cover two floors, it will collapse on the two floors. But if we hit a 50-story foundation and build a 20-story building, then you don't have to worry about this basic thing. This year, SAP has drawn more than 50 backbones from various positions in the company to complete this matter. More than 10 million yuan has been spent. More than 50 brothers and sisters have been working for half a year. We finished all the January 1st, and the system was officially launched on January 4. I think that in 2016, I can put this matter into the plan very smoothly and smoothly. Turning over 2015, this is the first thing we do.

The second thing, we invited a company from one of the world's largest consulting companies to help us design a global strategy. We have set up our eight international companies step by step, especially Hong Kong companies. The Hong Kong company will be a holding company of Abbyson in the future and another headquarters of Abbyson. We initially plan that the company will have three headquarters: one is the Shenzhen headquarters and the other is the Hong Kong headquarters. In the future, if the opportunities are mature, in order to speed up our internationalization, we may set the US company as another headquarters. In this way, we have three headquarters worldwide. All of this, I want to lay a good foundation for Abbison's rapid internationalization after 2016 and on the basis of internationalization, to achieve our goal of seeking high-quality resources and taking the M&A route on a global scale.

Everyone should remember that I set the international four-part series in 2007: the first one, selling the products; the second, setting up service points; the third, setting up branches and offices. The fourth is acquisition, merger and restructuring. I think that in the first three parts, we all completed in 2015. After 2016, we will take the fourth part of internationalization. This is the second thing.

The third thing we did in 2015. At the end of 2014, we quickly moved manufacturing to Huizhou. In the half year of 2015, we basically let the Huizhou company go to formality.

Do you still remember that in the first half of 2014, for a while, I asked the company to take a holiday, which is incredible for many people. Why is it a holiday? Because there is no electricity! Why is there no electricity? Because we have too many orders. I asked to turn off the company's air conditioners and lights, and the employees went home to rest or go on a business trip or go home to work, save the electricity and support our production. Li Wen later installed a generator in the downstairs of my office - I can't work in the company, the transformer alarmed all day! Too many orders have no electricity! At the beginning of 2014, I had already felt this thing. I repeatedly emphasized at the meeting of the senior team that "in 2014, for Abbyson, our bottleneck was manufacturing." Many people can't understand, isn't it overcapacity? All of China has excess capacity. Your bottleneck is manufacturing. Is it insufficient capacity? But this is a fact! So in the first half of 2015, we solved this problem whole! In 2016, it is the order of 30 billion, I can solve this problem - the production capacity of our Huizhou factory is planned according to 50 billion! We have 18,000 square meters of land in Huizhou. Our first phase of construction has built 93,000 square meters. Our total plan is 230,000 square meters! First of all, there is no problem with this venue. Then our automation, the degree of automation, the automated production line, in this industry, I think it is the best in the world! Coco also said this in the morning. I have seen almost all the factories in the same industry, I think we are the best! We have used the most advanced equipment and the most efficient processes, and we have solved the capacity problem!

The fourth thing is that we have invited a well-known consulting company in Beijing to sort out the company's strategy from beginning to end. Although some people say that we have turned this strategy, the meaning does not seem to be particularly large, because it seems that our strategy is clear. We have done two strategic consultations before, but I think this is still necessary. What if you go wrong? What if we have new opportunities? So I spent half a year asking one of the best consulting companies in China to work for six months. Putting our strategy from the analysis of demand in this industry, the development trend of the industry, the competitive situation of the industry, the resources of Ai Biesen, the advantages of Ai Biessen, and the future direction of Abbison, we have combed the whole. After that, we came up with such a strategy. In the morning, Zhifeng has already shared it with everyone. In the second half of 2015, especially in the fourth quarter, we repeatedly elaborated on such an idea, our strategy. This is the fourth major event we did in 2015.

The fifth big thing is that from November 1st, we have put forward such a topic - change! Around this theme of change, we have done a lot of things: our high-level people have been together around this topic, and have opened a lot of meetings intensively. Finally, we made a lot of adjustments. These adjustments, these changes, are basically finished today - we have an EMT team, five committees, the entire business-related verticals, and horizontal cooperation, we have all done.

If you turn your home, at least in 2015, we did these things!

I think these things are very meaningful to the development of Abbyson, so everyone must have confidence. The company was established from 2001 to this year, 15 years. Since 2001, we have grown up straight along the way! But in 2015, we were like a platform, we stopped at this place, everyone knows. But I think this is in line with objective laws. I call this thing "marketing syndrome"! It has been growing for 15 years! I have told them that I have been fighting for fifteen years! I lived forty years in one breath! It’s time to stop and take a look at where we are going next! We should have a very big change, this change is called change!

The meaning of metamorphosis is that many external things have changed in your opinion! The only constant is the gene! No matter how the butterfly changes, from the insect to the butterfly, its gene has not changed, it must not become a monkey! So, Abbison, we have to change, but at any time, what we do is the mission and values ​​of the Abelson people! For example, many of Abby's colleagues, how do we see work? In my opinion, work is a human duty! Work itself is the way people show their lives. This person, what you look like at work, what you will live like. What do you look like, what you look like at work. If your work is a mess, it is actually a mess of your life, so the profession, the work itself, is a way of life display. This is the second word I am talking about.

The third one is called "bright". Bright, bright sword! Abbyson has come to this day, we have done so much work in front, we should show our tricks! We should show our "guy"! In the northwest dialect, there is a word called "guy." Maybe many people don't know what "guy" is, "guy" is your weapon, weapon, props, your trick! Whether you have a sword or a dragon knife, or a dragon, it is time for us to show up! Today's entire "show" process, the entire process of turning over, we actually, have come up with a bright light. In 2016, we should show more strength! Whether it is soft power or hard power, it is time for us to make a move! It is time for us to lead the development of this industry!

The fourth word, let's look at the future, change! We have changed, where have we changed? We changed from a bug to a butterfly, and changed from a butterfly back to a bug? This is a question that I have left to Abelson colleagues and Abisen partners today to think about. Next, where is our future? I have proposed several concepts: strategy, goals, time. This is in the future, I think the most, and certainly Abisen colleagues, Abisen partners, you should also consider the most things.

What kind of company do we want to be in the future? There are at least two points that I can share with you.

First, in the history of the company, everyone knows that talking about Abbyson is the most profitable company in the LED display industry. I remember that one year, the company with the performance list of Zhang Zong was set up at the Guangzhou exhibition. I asked their staff, the performance list is dry? He said that it is showing the performance of the LED display industry. I said that you know which company in the LED display industry is the most profitable? He said that he did not know. I said I told you, I know. Who is he talking about? I said that is Abbyson. I am positioning myself as the most profitable company in the LED display industry! Can tell you a set of numbers, at the end of 2013, if you add Ai Biesen, the six listed companies in the full LED display industry, the performance and profit of the Ai Biesen family is the sum of the other four companies in Shenzhen! The net cash flow of Abbyson's company is the sum of all listed companies in this industry! After this change, this thing should not be the most important goal of Ai Biesen - we want to be the happiest company in the LED industry! From our employees, customers, suppliers, and various partners, we have to take the lead and lead by example to become the happiest company. We must make our employees feel happy and happy!

In the morning, when I was on the EMT team, I said a word, I don’t know if you still remember. I said, "I am responsible for the physical health, family happiness, career success, and pure character of the 13 people including me." Here to talk about, what is pure character? This thing is related to values. I feel a person, even if he is successful in his career, how rich he is, how powerful he is, how level he is, how skillful he is! But if his character is not pure, it is very problematic! He can't get happiness! Just like this building, if the foundation or frame is not very pure at the time of initial design, it does not conform to the mechanical structure, it is distorted, it is abnormal, and this building will definitely have problems. So I said, I am responsible for the pure character of this team. This is Abbyson after our transformation. At least we must have such an understanding, we want to be the happiest company in the LED display industry.

Second, I think we have a mission. Abbyson is not simply going to develop in the LED display industry. We are not simply doing a small private enterprise in China. We are a Chinese company in China, we are going to the world, we face a variety of complex situations with different cultures, different customers, different historical backgrounds. We have a mission, especially when we go too far. Looking back at China, our business environment is too bad! In our society, the human happiness index has fallen sharply! I think, as a Chinese company, today we should take up our social responsibilities, so we have to come back to China, we have to change and influence China's business environment! We should lead this kind of swindle, falsification, bribery and bribery to change everywhere! I want to be a private company in China. As a listed company, as an international company that originated in China and then went global, we should have such responsibility and responsibility!

I will talk about it here, thank you all!

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