Dingyuan Optoelectronics Application Products Division launched "LED Vehicle Fog Lights" and "LED Motor Vehicles Near Lights"

Dingyuan Optoelectronics (2426) Application Products Division developed LED general-purpose fog lamps to enhance the application of LEDs in automotive auxiliary lighting. Dingyuan Optical Design Center uses secondary optics design techniques to design a "diamond facet" mirror with a "cut-off line" that meets SAE J583 regulations. In addition, the Dingyuan LED fog light module uses only a single 10W high-power CREE LED, which saves nearly five times the energy consumption compared with the traditional halogen fog lamp. The luminaire module is novel in design, the LED is laterally illuminating, the point light source is not visible on the front side, and the design method is very innovative and efficient. Currently, it is applying for European and American patents.

In view of the successful development of fog lamps for vehicles and the unstoppable trend of electric motor vehicles, Dingyuan Optical Testing Center uses the same design concept, followed by the introduction of low beam and high beam symmetrical headlights. , in line with the ECE R113 locomotive headlight class C (125c.c.), the above two types of lamps have successfully entered the Japanese and European markets, the existing lamp factory to negotiate OEM methods, is expected to produce 50,000 sets per year.

Fog light appearance


Fog light type


Near-light type


Far light type


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