Domestic cool I K1 Bluetooth headset out of the box experience

I started in Jingdong, because it was not Jingdong Express, waiting for two days to get the courier. See the official website of the publicity, to find opponents within 500 yuan, I split the courier's hands are trembling. Open courier packaging, which is a rectangular cool music box with headphones, opened the box to find the box with a Bluetooth headset.

Logistics box

Open this box to see the contents inside, there are specific headset storage package, take-up device, a pair of ear hooks, earphone main box, warranty card, cool music VIP card.

Official promotion

The content inside is consistent with the official propaganda. Still conscience business, did not send anything. Open the Bluetooth box now and see what's on the inside.

level one

Second floor

The first layer inside this is the manual and bluetooth headset theme, open the instructions, there are two different types of ear caps and two wings of the headset, when I saw the ear cap, I still think, the official does not say there are three Ear cap? Why only two, and later found that there is a model of the ear cap is directly installed on the headset, I am also ready to find customer service to ask that, really admire their IQ, that I do not know the ear, and later saw The specification only knew that the ear flaps were used during light exercise while the ear flaps were used during heavy exercise. Forgive my ignorance, after all, never used. . . The third layer is to pick up the main body of this Bluetooth headset, there is also a data line, in order to not cause fatigue, I did not take pictures.

Now let's make a Bluetooth headset. The individual feels like working.

main body

Fully loaded

Love close-up

Left ear

Right ear

It is still very beautiful and beautiful. I am very satisfied with this poor party. After long press the power on, there will be a voice prompt is turned on, the right side of the headset will have a traffic light flashing, open the phone Bluetooth, there will be voice prompts in the headset, Bluetooth connection is successful, while the right headphone lights will turn green flashing. The overall connection is still very simple,

Next, let us introduce the official parameters and the function of the headset.

This headset uses a Hall magnetic switch, no buttons, magnetic adsorption, the two headphones can be turned on once you turn on, together you can turn off, this headphone's magnetic very good, will not easily loose On, when I'm not using a Bluetooth headset, I hang this headset around my neck. If I don't run or play, I can't go wrong. I love this design.

Similar to other Bluetooth headsets, the function is to adjust the song volume, pause or play music, adjust the song playback. However, there is a press button on the manual that will automatically dial the last contact in the contact. Both sides of the earphone are of equal quality and do not lose their sense of balance when pressing their own keys. The Bluetooth headset charging port has a usb interface just below the right earphone.

Next is the parameter of this headset, I am a white headphone, these parameters are just to see, do not understand. I only need to listen to songs and have a voice. It is convenient and quick to use. We forgive you.

Headphone parameters

Overall, that Bluetooth headset is very good for me, easy to carry, to hang around on the neck, look at the distance like a necklace, magnetic switch, switch is very convenient, Bluetooth connection It is also very fast. I am very satisfied. People who have no money are so easy to meet, hahaha.

-------------------------------------------------I Is a divider

Although this Bluetooth headset can work outside the sound quality can still be, but as a sports Bluetooth headset, its stethoscope effect is more obvious, when running can only use a complimentary take-up device to the headphone cord firmly tied around the neck, you can Eliminate the stethoscope effect. And the call function of this Bluetooth headset is not perfect, and the incoming call tone is a special prompt tone instead of the ringtone set by the mobile phone. And for everyone to see an official promotional call feature map.

Really speaking is not clear at all, only in the absolute silence, the other party can hear your very weak voice, if the user is riding a bicycle, electric cars and other external sound interference, this headset basic You can only hear the opposite voice. There is no way to pass your voice to the other party. It will have a great impact on the call. This feeling is really not excellent.

Thanks for watching.

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