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With the development of science and technology, the advantages of traditional projectors are getting smaller and smaller, which is not only expensive, but also has a very low price/performance ratio. The LED smart projection is regarded as an innovation of great intelligent projection in recent years. It not only has the advantages of small size, portability, long life, good color, maintenance-free, instant lighting, and built-in battery. But why do many people generally have a poor impression of "LED Smart Projection" or "Micro Projection"? Personally, the core problem is that the brightness of these products is too low. A very important indicator of smart projection is the brightness, general home environment 500 ~ 2000 lumens, business environment 800 ~ 3500 lumens, teaching environment 1500 ~ 4500 lumens is appropriate.

Traditional lamp projector brightness levels exceeded 1,000 ANSI lumens a decade ago, but now more advanced laser projection brightness can reach 700-6000 lumens, and even more professional models can reach more than 1000 lumens. The up-and-coming LED mini-projector, with an initial brightness of only 5 to 50 lumens, gradually developed from the embarrassment of “seeing light dead”. In recent days, the cool music in the Jingdong crowdfunded S3 brightness exceeds 1000ANSI lumens, which is called "epoch-making" progress.

Some people may say that LED projectors are more than 1000 lumens? In fact, first of all, we must understand that in the home environment brightness is not the higher the better, because the high brightness will loss the image quality (contrast, sharpness, color), but also a great deal of damage to the glasses. Therefore, the current top home projection is about 2000 lumens, even lower than this.

How do we choose between lamp projection and LED projection?

At present, UHP bulbs are still the most mainstream projection light source in the market. Its advantages are that the light emitting point is small, it is easy to output high lumens, and the cost is low; the disadvantage is short life, large volume, high power consumption, high failure rate, noise headlights. The LED light source has a long service life, in theory, up to 100,000 hours, in addition to color, power consumption, noise, volume, etc., it also significantly better than the light bulb projection.

How do we choose between laser projection and LED projection?

Since the birth of laser projection, laser projection has come from a lofty ideal to replace all projections. It combines most of the advantages of LED and bulb light source, but it has a big disadvantage. It is expensive, so Home laser projection is not cost-effective.

In combination of these, I may be more willing to spend less than two thousand dollars to buy a LED smart projection, and usually the price is relatively favorable during crowdfunding, and may be the best time to choose. However, as a home projector, the use frequency will not be as high as that of a smart TV. If it is not for users who have some requirements for their quality of life, they still need to be cautiously chosen. However, with the continuous development of smart projection, smart TV may be paralyzed.

If it is you, at the same price, will you choose projection or television?

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