Energy Savings Subsidy "Full Moon" Reflected by Stores Failing Expectations

From June 1st, the state implemented a new round of energy-saving products Huimin project into the promotion period, air-conditioning, color TVs, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines and other five categories of household electrical appliances into energy-saving subsidies directory. In a continuously declining market environment, home appliance stores regard this policy as "timely rain." However, after the implementation of the “full moon” policy, various home appliance stores generally reflect this timely rain without quenching their thirst.

On the morning of the 2nd, the reporter went to a household appliance shopping mall on Youth Road. On the scrolling electronic screen of the entrance, a promotional phrase of “energy saving subsidies” is displayed, and the broadcasting in the store is also playing a model of enjoying the subsidy and related subsidy policies. However, there are not many people who buy household appliances in the mall.

“Today is a working day, so there are few people and there will be more people on weekends.” According to a TV salesperson of a certain brand in the mall, most people who come to buy color TVs will ask about policies related to energy subsidies. The reporter saw that in order to facilitate consumers' access, merchants have posted specific subsidies for different models of color TV on the TV screen.

“Generally speaking, customers come to ask questions, but there are not many choices for subsidizing models.” The hot weather in summer encouraged the sale of air conditioners, but sales staff told reporters that the benefits of air-conditioning products are mostly subsidies. The relatively high price of high-end products, so the number of consumers to ask more, really buy very little. "Most citizens still buy ordinary air conditioners for home use. Who will buy high-end products worth hundreds of thousands of yuan for subsidy?"

The staff of many home appliance stores believe that the implementation of the energy-saving subsidy policy has not reached the expected target since it was implemented for one month. "This year is the 'cold year' recognized by household appliance companies. During the May 1st period, the turnover in stores has dropped by 10%-15% compared with the same period of last year." Mr. Zhang, a business manager of a household appliances store in Youth Road, told reporters that the market is in a sluggish situation. Under the environment, the energy-saving subsidy policy has been regarded as a "life-saving straw" since its launch. "But through the implementation of a month, the policy has not achieved the expected pulling effect."

"Mainly, the type of subsidy is limited, even if the subsidy is available, the price is relatively high." According to Ma Jinding, director of marketing planning at Yantai Suning Appliance Co., Ltd., the proportion of energy-saving subsidy products in daily sales is only 20%. about. Another business manager of a home appliance store stated that sales of energy-saving subsidies accounted for only about 10% of sales during the weekend, of which TVs and air conditioners were the main products.

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