Enhance the application advantages of LED components using different packaging technologies

LED has the advantages of environmental protection, long life, small size, high directivity, and solid-state form are not easy to damage. It has gradually replaced traditional tungsten filament lamps (incandescent lamps) and CCFL fluorescent lamps, but it still emits light when it meets the needs of different applications. Efficiency, light type, heat dissipation and cost, etc., in order to make the product more satisfying, we must start from the packaging form of the LED component end...

Because the material characteristics and the principle of light emission are different from the traditional light source, LED has many advantages in use. When it is used to replace the light source for general daily use, LED solid-state light-emitting components still need multiple designs and improvements in order to achieve luminous efficiency and color rendering. Sex, lighting, power efficiency and other aspects have been strengthened to pass the test of the lighting application market.

In the general lighting market, LED solid-state lighting wants to accelerate its popularity. It must be in the short-term to make component cost, production technology, verification standards, etc. in place, technically to improve color temperature performance, color rendering and The photoelectric conversion efficiency, from the perspective of the lighting system, still has to address the key aspects of LED light source, AC/DC power conversion, LED drive control, component heat dissipation and optical processing.

Specially packaged LED components can be optimized for different lighting products. The picture shows Osram's two LED component modules designed for lighting applications.

Note: Specially packaged LED components can be optimized for different lighting product requirements. The picture shows Osram's two LED component modules designed for lighting applications.

Thin film chip packaging technology

The key to the application of LED light source is the core development of chip technology. The key to affecting the light-emitting characteristics and efficiency of LED components lies in the difference between substrate material and wafer growth technology.

In terms of the base material of LED, in addition to the traditional sapphire base material, silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), zinc oxide (ZnO), gallium nitride (GaN), etc. are the development focus of current LED components. Regardless of whether the developed light source application is an ambient light source that illuminates or creates an atmosphere, covering large and small power applications, and the technology improvement of the chip substrate, the goal is to produce a more efficient and stable LED chip.

Improving the photoelectric efficiency of LED chips has become a key indicator of LED lighting application technology. For example, through the change of chip structure, roughening design of chip surface, design form of multiple quantum well structure, through multiple process technology improvements, currently The breakthrough in the luminous efficiency of a single LED chip has been made.

Thin film LED technology is the key technology for developing high-brightness LED chips. The focus is on reducing the lateral light loss of the chip. By matching the reflective surface at the bottom, the chip can make more than 97% of the electro-optic light. The reaction directly outputs light from the front side of the chip, greatly increasing the lumens of the LED unit.

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