Experience the iVoka voice interaction technology launched by SAIC

Expressing your wishes through words and sounds is the basic way of communication between people, but there have always been various barriers in communication between people and machines. How to break through this limitation and form a wisdom and tenderness between people Human-computer interaction has always been the direction of human efforts. The launch of the iPhone 4S has created this precedent. Siri's voice human-machine interaction function makes the machine no longer cold, but unfortunately Chinese consumers are not blessed. However, SAIC has launched an iVoka voice cloud interaction technology similar to the Siri system that is applied to cars. The Chinese voice system allows Chinese to take the lead in experiencing the fun and charm of the human-computer interaction system.

A computer that can chat! Experience iVoka voice interaction technology

This experience is a test version, the commercial version will wait until the official launch in February next year

iVoka is the 3.0 version of the inkaNet system that has been installed on the SAIC Roewe model. Compared with the previous generation system, its highlight is the addition of an intelligent voice interaction system, which replaces the traditional key input method by voice commands. However, this kind of voice interaction also puts forward higher requirements on the system. If you want to get a better user experience, the system needs to accurately recognize the meaning of human language, and make reasonable and humanized feedback, and the system The thinking time should not be too long, etc. Of course, it is not easy to achieve this. We can regard these goals as a benchmark. The closer to it, the more developed and humanized the system is in terms of human-machine intelligence.

At present, the iVoka system can implement voice control for making calls, sending text messages, navigation, information query, listening to music, and listening to radio. Other functions still need to manually enter commands. Let's take a look at the performance of the iVoka voice control function.

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