[Experience & Tutorial] Practical is Wang Dao Xiaobian teach you how to buy TV box

The TV box is a good thing, and anyone who has used it knows it. With it, you don't have to make any effort to go online to find all kinds of resources to download. You only need to have a network, have a TV, and you can watch the channel on the channel. If there is no TV, there is no problem with a monitor. With it, you no longer have to rent a DVD in order to see a full movie. You want to see what you watch online. The clarity is not bad. However, for the purchase of TV boxes, Xiao Bian sees that many people do not know how to choose. Today Xiao Bian came to teach you some aspects of watching TV boxes.

1, Configuration

This configuration seems to be a factor worth considering considering buying a TV box, because most people think that configuring high is equivalent to running fast, but it is not. Whether or not the TV box runs smoothly depends on the configuration on the hardware, but it is still determined by the degree of optimization of the operating system. In addition, the current configuration of the TV box is basically the same, so basically do not have to worry about The configuration is too low.

2, operating system

TV boxes on the market are basically based on the Android system. At this point, nothing is entangled. The reason why we see the visual discrepancies (collectively referred to as UI) of TV boxes of various brands in the operating system is based on the deep customization of the Android system. So, as mentioned above, whether a TV box product operates smoothly or not depends on whether the manufacturer has optimized it enough. There are high-level configurations, but there have been a lot of people who have not been able to get up and running. Therefore, we must look at software and hardware.

3, Resource Platform

Speaking of the resource platform, this is a very key factor for the TV box. When the TV box product first came out, the resource platform manufacturers were really plentiful at the time. In addition, there was no relatively comprehensive system for the copyright protection of resources at that time. Therefore, at that time, we could see a variety of platform LOGOs. After a comprehensive rectification of the TV box market by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television last year, resource platform vendors basically left only a few companies with formal qualifications, such as mango TV, Yangguang Galaxy, etc. These several resource platforms. With the resources platform, we can see so many television programs and film and television programs, and these are all legitimate licenses.

4, other functions

In addition to the above points, in fact, like Xiao Bian like the novelty of the user will still choose to play other things on the TV box, such as playing a 4K video, hard to solve a Blu-ray movie, or push a picture from the mobile phone video å•¥Play on TV, which is the essential difference between TV boxes of various brands. The TV box products on the market today are characterized by their distribution in terms of games, high-definition playback, and remote projection. As for which one you want, you can see for yourself and understand.

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