Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces High Efficiency LED Driver Solutions

To meet the need for battery-powered portable electronics customers to save energy and achieve more functionality, Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FAN5341, a compact and flexible LED backlighting solution.

It is reported that this high-efficiency LED driver solution can enhance the portable design brightness and resolution, while providing 32-level dimming function for more detailed brightness control and can drive up to five white LEDs in series. This component can drive serial LEDs to ensure uniform brightness for all LEDs used in cell phones, digital cameras, GPS devices, MP3 players and other devices that use small LED display screens.

The boost LED driver operates at a 1.2MHz switching frequency and incorporates a Schottky diode to minimize external passive components and overall board space. In addition, the lighting solution drives 3 to 5 serial LEDs, so each LED passes the same current, thus ensuring the same brightness. In addition, the component delivers up to 83% efficiency, minimizing power consumption and meeting the space and power requirements of portable designs. The FAN5341 is available in a compact, low profile 2mm x 2mm UMLP package.

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