Five aspects of SLR maintenance

Five aspects of SLR maintenance The maintenance and cleaning of the lens is the most critical and fragile component of the camera. Therefore, when using the camera at ordinary times, you should pay close attention to the protection of the camera lens, do not easily contaminated with dust, not to let the lens get dirty hands, only in the Only clean the lens when necessary. When cleaning, it is best to use a blower to blow off the dust, or use a soft brush to gently brush off. If you encounter stubborn dust, be sure to use a special lens cloth or lens paper gently wipe, remember not to use Paper towels and other seemingly soft papers are used to clean the lenses because these papers contain wood pulp that can easily scratch the coating and can seriously damage the key coatings on the camera lens.

LCD color LCD screen protection is easily scratched by hard objects, especially the color LCD screen without protective film is more fragile, any scratches will leave a permanent mark, so when in use, you can consider using a handheld The protective film of a computer or a mobile phone is very good for protecting the color LCD screen. In addition to preventing scratches, special attention should be paid to avoiding damage to the color LCD screen due to high temperature. As the temperature increases, the color LCD screen will turn black. After a certain temperature is reached, even if the temperature drops to a normal state, the color The LCD screen cannot be restored, causing irreparable damage.

The use and maintenance of the battery Digital cameras and traditional cameras, digital cameras, especially the power demand, so SLR cameras generally use nickel-metal hydride batteries or lithium batteries as a Power Supply. Nickel-metal hydride batteries produce a memory effect that reduces the battery's total capacity and usage time. As time goes on, the stored charge will be less and less, so you should try to fully use the power and recharge; dedicated Lithium battery memory effect is almost negligible, it does not require special attention.

In addition to this, care should be taken to maintain the integrity of the battery insulation. Once it is found to be damaged, it should be glued with a transparent tape. Check the battery's electrodes for oxidation. Wipe it off with mild oxidation. When severe oxidation or shedding is detected, replace the battery with a new battery immediately to prevent battery leakage and other problems. Reflex camera damage. In addition, when the digital camera is not used for a long time, the battery must be taken out of the digital camera or the charger and completely discharged, and then stored in a dry, cool environment.

Protection from travel Use a lens cap to protect the lens, put small devices and accessories in the bag and in the hand, and separate them with a soft object to ensure they do not collide with each other. Especially vulnerable equipment should be covered with a soft layer. When flying, the metal detector is less destructive than the baggage detector. If necessary, manual inspections can be requested to minimize X-ray damage.

Long-term preservation of digital cameras When a digital camera is not to be used for a long period of time, besides the need to carefully clean important parts such as the body and lens, care should be taken to maintain the other parts and accessories. The camera and the holster should be placed separately to avoid holsters. Moldy affect the camera. The shutters, self-timer and other components of the camera must be released to prevent these components from being damaged due to prolonged fatigue. Lens aperture should be set in the maximum gear, focusing distance should be set at infinity. In the case of a bifocal lens or zoom lens camera, the extended lens should be retracted back to its original position and placed in a dry storage container.

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