GOME's "7 Days 7 Nights" Festival attracts visitors

GOME's "7 Days 7 Nights" Festival attracts visitors Before and after New Year's Day, it became a day for celebrations. At the same time, since December 27th to January 2nd was Gome Online's “7 Days and 7 Nights” New Year’s Eve Ceremony, these 7 days became a big discount for merchants and consumers’ mad orders. Day.

It is understood that this promotion, Gome Online to implement the full category full reduction full return, mobile phones can be back to 100 full 100 back up to 300, TV class back to 100 back to the highest 400 back, air-conditioning class full 1000 back to 100 top back to 600, kitchen The health life category is 500 or 50, and the maximum reduction is 400. At the same time, there are 100 star explosion models and 100 boutique shops jointly creating the industry benchmark price, which makes many consumers hooked. And among those netizens who participated in this year-end online shopping spree, their mentality can be described as very different.

Ordinary type: The discount rate is very large, very affordable "Gome Online to sell boss 63Q8+9B13 smoke stove package, high-end touch stainless steel suction cup European style, with explosion-proof tempered glass, to the price of 4680, other channels in the price of more than 5300 ... ...” On the afternoon of December 29th, after receiving this message on the mobile phone, Ms. Li, who was watching the entertainment program, immediately put down her remote control and quickly placed orders on the Internet. Recently, she wanted to change the set of kitchen utensils. She had been waiting for a discount on the website, so she could not miss it. After carefully reviewing the merchandise page, she decided to order a set. "The discount rate is very large, and you will definitely have to pay more if you don't buy it."

Skeptical: There are too many false marketing. Is this true?

Unlike Ms. Li, after learning of the news of Gome Online’s New Year’s Eve, Ms. Gao’s first sense of online shopping experience is skeptical. “Double 11 has seen a woolen coat and said that after 5% off, it costs 698 yuan. After a few days it was still this price, and I really felt that such a festival was a means for businesses. Consumers still did not receive any benefits.” However, after a serious comparison with other home appliance manufacturers, Ms. Gao’s views The change: "Looks like a real deal, Sanyo's 6 kilograms of washing machines have fallen to 1,789 yuan, and Jiuyang's rice cookers have sold for only 159 yuan, which is almost the lowest in the entire network. Considering it has been bought again, this genuine offer is now relatively rare. ”

Ambush: Waiting for you for a long time, I hope you have discounted. There are also some consumers. After a long time of online shopping discounts, they already know the range of normal and discounted prices for a product. The law of electric companies engaging in activities only takes effect when they reach their own psychological level. "The Haier's white kit air conditioners all have electricity suppliers above 3,700. Now they are engaged in activities and they all drop to 3,000, which is a very good price." Mr. Ho said that he has been looking at the air conditioner for a long time. "I know New Year's Day Gome Online certainly had a special event, and as a result, it took as long as one month before it was found in the 'Christmas Carnival' and waited for two days and met in '7 Days and 7 Nights'. It is now waiting.' New Year's Eve 'and' New Year's Eve always benefit', maybe there are several other things I want to buy."

Fatigue type: I bought a bunch of things and later I decided to stop buying “Double-Eleven” and “Double-Twelve”. It didn’t take long. The Christmas e-commerce company also engaged in activities. It didn’t feel any more.” Some time ago, Xiao Gao was temporarily not ready to shop again, but after accidentally discovering Gome Online’s offer list, he couldn't help again. “Almost covers home appliances, 3C digital, home, mother and baby, and other major categories, like the iPhone 5S. The coupon is equivalent to 4,777 yuan, which is 200-600 yuan lower than the market price, tangled up, and finally bought one and bought other things down. This is definitely the last online shopping before the Spring Festival, so big discounts are not May be encountered every day"

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