Grab the House to send Hao Li, see still TV cantv hand sofa butler free TV

Watching TV is a smart TV brand owned by the Guangdong-based CIBN Internet TV platform license carrier. Since its inception on the day of 2015, it has quickly launched a variety of TV models with different sizes and models. Its sales have also been making rapid progress. The annual sales of CANTV smart TVs are nearly 100,000 units!

In order to celebrate the still-superpower TV C42S, C49S two hot brands breaking new highs, the sofa butlers are still watching television for the majority of sand powder brought a series of "sharing and sending TV" activities! As long as you have a chance to get a look and feel still TV 42 smart TV C42S Oh ~ everyone quickly come and see!

The sofa butler hand in hand to watch the new TV release "Share and send TV" event [first bullet]
The sofa butler hand in hand to watch the new TV release "Share and send TV" event [second bullet]
The sofa butler hand in hand to watch the new TV release "Share and send TV" event [3rd bomb]

〓 Event Prizes 〓

Capriciousness Award: See still Super TV C42S 2 sets
〓 Activity time 〓

June 17 - June 22 23:59

参与 How to participate

The first step: Find two TVs in the Jingdong Mall CANTV official flagship store (

CANTV still see ultra-clear TV C42S ultra-clear narrow-edge network smart flat-panel TV:
CANTV still see ultra-clear television C49S ultra-clear narrow-edge network smart flat-panel TV:

In the product details interface screenshot sharing, asking the screenshot to include watching the TV name, price; and according to the following format to share the QQ group of not less than 200 people (group nature is not limited, online number of not less than 50 non-sofa official website related group);


Text: I just saw the activity of watching TV on the sofa forum ( This TV is very cheap, 42-inch (or 49-inch) smart, only 999 (or 1499), It seems Jingdong 618 preferential strength

Correspondence see Shangdian Jingdong Mall link


Step 2: Share screenshots of QQ group, and PS on your own sofa forum ID, reply to this post to grab the building; each time you forward a screenshot, you can reply to the 5th floor, reply up to 100 floor (forward different content or different groups)

Winning floor:
Attachment; Note: The winning floor is rounded off and no rounding is applied

〓 Note 〓

1. The winning floor must meet the participation requirements (returns from water stickers are invalid).
2. In order to guarantee the order of activities and guarantee the rights and interests of everyone, no more than five consecutive robs of flats will be allowed; if more than 100 replies are returned, they will lose their qualifications.
3. If you find a withdrawal message (can be reported), cancel the winning
4. Each group can only be sent once.
3. The last valid floor is the last floor displayed before 23:59:59 on June 21, 2016, the deadline for the event. (The floor at and after 0:00 on the 20th will be considered invalid).
4. The final interpretation right belongs to the sofa forum and watching television.

奖 Prize delivery 〓

1. After the activity is over, the winners will be announced within three working days and publicized for three days. The winner will be awarded after no objection.
2, the winners need to join the sofa network activity group: group number is 426470841;
3, please win the winner within three days through the forum to submit personal information to the sofa Forum Moderator: Mi Xue sister. Must be submitted in the following manner for statistical convenience.

(Submission of winning personal information as of June 27, 2016, 18:00 pm)

Event Name: Sofa butlers are still watching new TV releases "Share and send TV" activities [second bullet]

4, if you can not submit personal information through the forum site, please contact the landlord in the "Sofa Network - Activity Group (QQ group number)" to provide login forum screenshots and personal information.


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