Heqi Power Generation Servovalve Cleaning Service Project Inquiry Inquiry Procurement Announcement

Hebi Heqi Power Generation Co., Ltd. #1 unit main engine and small steam turbine servo valve cleaning and maintenance project for open inquiry procurement, is now invited qualified suppliers to register.

1, inquiry request
Item Number: M4101000065000237036
Project Content: The main unit and the small turbine servo valve of the Heqi #1 unit are cleaned and maintained with the opportunity of overhaul, including a total of 20 high-level doors, induced draft fan switching valves, and feedwater pump switching valves. See the specific quantities and requirements Attachment technical requirements.
Quotation requirements: This quotation adopts a fixed total price model, and its quotation is all costs incurred to complete the entire work content of the service scope of the servo valve cleaning and maintenance, including but not limited to the labor fee and material fee for providing services. , equipment and machinery usage fees, corporate management fees, profits and taxes (required tax is VAT) and so on.
Payment method: After the project is completed and accepted, it pays 95% of the progress of the project, and the remaining 5% is the warranty money. Once the warranty period (one year) is full, there is no problem and the payment is made once. (Payments need to be provided in accordance with financial requirements).
2. Inquiry Unit Qualification Requirements
2.1 The "Enterprise Legal Person Business License", "Organizational Organization Code Certificate", and "Tax Registration Certificate" that have passed the annual inspection (mandatory condition, provide the business license of the enterprise legal person, the organization code certificate, and the original tax registration certificate)
2.2 Must have a qualification certificate for maintenance of the servo valve equipment of this project; (mandatory condition, original certificate provided at the time of registration);
2.3 At least a similar project performance contract in the past 3 years; (mandatory condition, the original contract is provided at the time of registration);
2.4 Have corresponding qualifications and capabilities for similar projects in professional technology, personnel organization, performance experience, etc.;
2.5 This inquiry does not accept the Consortium application.
3, time and method of collection of quotation documents
3.1 Time for receiving quotation documents: February 16, 2017.

DC Fan

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When the power tube of the power amplifier is working, the temperature of the tube core is about 120 degrees, and the heat must be dissipated in a certain way. But the temperature of the Heat Sink exceeds 60 degrees, and even the case is hot, which may be a problem. Therefore, it can be seen that adding a cooling fan with good cooling performance and high reliability is a necessary way and the key to solving the heat dissipation problem of the power amplifier system.

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