How much do you know about "emergency lighting"?

Emergency lighting is lighting that is used for evacuation, safety, or continued work in a normal lighting system due to a power failure that no longer provides normal lighting. Emergency lighting is different from general lighting. It includes: standby lighting, evacuation lighting, and safety lighting.
1 emergency lighting
Alternate lighting
The emergency lighting section provided to ensure normal activity continues in the event of a normal lighting power failure. Alternate lighting should normally be set up in the following locations:
2 standby lighting
  Solar backup lighting system
(1) Failure to carry out timely operation or disposal of places that may cause explosions, fires and poisoning, such as hydrogen production, paint production, chemicals, petroleum, plastics, celluloid and its products, explosive production and solvent production. Certain operating parts.
(2) Failure to perform timely operation or disposal after power failure will result in a chaotic production process or damage to valuable parts of the processing. For example, some processes in the chemical, petroleum industry, metallurgical, aerospace and other industries, steelmaking furnaces, metal melting casting, heat treatment and precision processing workshops.
(3) Places where lighting is extinguished will result in greater political impact or serious economic losses. Such as important communication centers, radio stations, television stations, power plants and central substations, control centers, national and international conference centers, important hotels, international terminals, transportation hubs, important power supply stations (heating, gas supply) , oil supply) and water supply facilities.
(4) The place where the lighting is extinguished will hinder the fire rescue work. Such as fire control room, emergency generator room, broadcasting room and power distribution room.
(5) Important underground buildings will not be able to work and be active due to the extinguishment of the lights. Such as subway stations, underground hospitals, large and medium-sized underground shopping malls, underground hotels, underground restaurants, underground garages and underground entertainment venues.
(6) The place where the lighting is extinguished will result in the theft of valuables and valuables. Such as large and medium-sized shopping malls, valuables sales area, checkout counters and bank tellers.
Evacuation lighting
3 evacuation lighting
  Fire emergency light
In the event of a normal power failure, the emergency lighting section is provided to enable personnel to easily and accurately locate the exit of the building. Evacuation lighting should normally be provided in the following locations:
(1) A large number of densely populated public buildings. Such as large auditoriums, large conference rooms, theaters, cinemas, cultural palaces, stadiums, large exhibition halls, museums, art galleries, large and medium-sized shopping malls, large waiting halls, terminal buildings and large hospitals.
(2) Large and medium-sized hotels, large restaurants and other buildings.
(3) High-rise public buildings and super high-rise buildings.
(4) Underground buildings with numerous personnel. Such as subway stations, underground hotels, underground shopping malls, underground entertainment venues, etc. and large areas without natural lighting.
(5) Large industrial plants with special personnel and numerous personnel.
Safety lighting
The portion of the emergency lighting that is designed to ensure the safety of personnel in potentially dangerous situations in the event of a normal power failure. Safety lighting should normally be set up in the following locations:
4 security lighting
(1) When the normal lighting in an industrial plant is extinguished due to a power failure, it may cause serious dangers such as bruises and burns in the dark. Such as circular saws with unprotected tools and so on.
(2) When normal lighting is extinguished due to power failure, the rescue work of critically ill patients cannot be carried out in time, delaying the first aid time and possibly endangering the patient's life. Such as the operating room of the hospital, the rescue room of critical patients.
(3) After the normal lighting is extinguished due to a power failure, due to the accumulation of many people and unfamiliar with the environmental conditions, it is easy to cause a terrible place that may cause personal injury or death, or an elevator that is difficult for people to contact with the outside world.

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