How to break through the new products of Dajiang?

The drone was still a strange word five years ago. For most people, the drone is a military weapon used in the defense industry. The remote-controlled aircraft we usually play is mainly used for self-entertainment. We often call it remote-controlled aircraft toys instead of drones. What really brings the drone into the public eye is the rise of aerial photography, and the most popular area of ​​consumer drones is still aerial photography.

The role of drones in the eyes of the public from toys to equipment, relying on the public's understanding of the scope of application of the aircraft. The popularity of photographic camera has accelerated this process. It can be said that the public's use of drones is best known for aerial photography. In the past, it was only possible to shoot on the ground. Nowadays, drones can be used for high-altitude shooting, and the cost of drones Low, even ordinary consumers, can still accept the price of most consumer drones, low-cost and good to get started, is the key to the rapid spread of drones.

The development time of UAVs in Dajiang is not long. The reason for achieving the current market position depends on the pre-requisite advantages. Because of the early entry into the market, DJI has already adopted the function of aerial photography in the era when UAVs are still positioned as toys. Incorporating into it, as for the outbreak of cognition of drones, Dajiang has the strength to stand out.

How to break through the new products of Dajiang?
At present, in the consumer-grade aerial drones, Dajiang has an absolute advantage. This year, it has released a number of heavy new products, which can be said to be the pursuit of other drone manufacturers. Enhancing endurance, improving flight safety and automated tracking devices are the key to Dajiang's dominant position in aerial photography aircraft. Its core advantage is the flight control software programming, which enables the Dajiang UAV to ensure stable aerial photography. A variety of automated safe flight functions, more fools are easier to get started with drones are naturally more popular with the masses of consumers.

However, the drone industry has not only emerged in recent years. Consumer-grade drones are mainly developed in the field of aerial photography. Many consumers do not know about the wider application of drones. But in fact, the application of drones has been in our lives many years ago. Agricultural sprays, electric cruises, police investigations, etc. all have drones. It’s just that the public is too strange for the public.

Dajiang UAV market share is high, is a comprehensive data, after all, consumer-grade products are the most capable of running, occupying the natural market share of the consumer market is high. However, the application field of drones is not only aerial photography, but in more application fields, Dajiang is still relatively blank. At present, Dajiang is also making progress in this aspect. Other brands with low market share should seize this time to occupy the market ahead of time.

Aerial drones require stability and support for multiple flight shots to improve aerial photography efficiency and require accuracy in flight. However, there are not many requirements for the hard indicators of drones such as load and battery life. These are just the needs of drones in other fields. Agricultural drones are used for spraying operations and require high loads for long periods of time. These are not possible with consumer drones. Electric power cruising and other operations require stronger anti-interference, and the requirements on the hardware technology level are higher. The development of the express delivery industry will further develop the UAV in the express delivery industry. The load indicator of the UAV is particularly important in these areas.

At present, in addition to consumer-grade UAVs, a considerable number of UAV manufacturers are producing these targeted industrial UAVs, but because the UAV industry is still in its infancy, there is still much room for improvement, so this It is time to develop more special-purpose drones and quickly increase the indicators of industry demand, which is the goal of many drone manufacturers.

Consumer-grade drones have now entered the state of the Red Sea, and most of the market has been occupied by the Great Xinjiang, and there is not much room for improvement. At present, the development trend of consumer-grade drones is miniaturization and portability. Folding drones are the future trend. Recently, Dajiangyu is very popular. However, before it was introduced, the folding drones were launched. GoPro Also in the Dajiang before the launch of the folding drone. The reason why it did not cause waves was also caused by the lack of influence in the field of drones. GoPro was the first to develop a drone that recalled the first batch of products due to product defects, and missed the favorable opportunity to acquire the market. In the future, the most need for improvement in consumer drones can be said to be endurance. Whoever develops long-time flying small drones is expected to become the new hegemon.

At present, the development space for other UAV manufacturers outside of Dajiang is still very large. All walks of life are trying to combine with UAVs. The proportion of industrial applications will become larger and larger, but the corresponding products are currently available. Rarely, this is an opportunity. However, in terms of consumer-grade drones, the market is already saturated, and breakthrough performance development is not easy, but there is still a glimmer of life. Who is leading the new era of consumer drones is not easy to say, just drones and other new industries. With the rapid development, new technologies and new elements will be applied to new products for the first time. Getting the first step is the most crucial step.

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