In 2012, the LED lighting market took off business opportunities better than the backlight demand

  LED TV market, driven by the rapid rise, demand for LED industry, but LED lighting market potential is huge, European and American manufacturers are optimistic about business opportunities in the development of lighting, LED grain crystal power plant, Chairman Li Bingjie leader said that if the LED lighting applications in energy Taking off in 2012 and growing at a penetration rate of 2 to 5% per year will drive the LED industry to grow again. He pointed out that TV demand is five times that of all backlights. The rise of the lighting market is expected to be the original. There are 50 times the backlight market.
Li Bingjie said that the current number of LEDs required for global notebook computer ( NB ) backlights accounts for only 30% of the total global LED production capacity. If the LED TV penetration rate can be smoothly increased from 3% to 10% in 2009, It is estimated that the total global LED production capacity must be expanded by 3 times. Therefore, if the market demand is in line with expectations and the production capacity of each LED manufacturer can be controlled by each other, he believes that under the backlight trend of this LED TV, the factories in the next 3 years There is room for profit.
Li Bingjie pointed out that the industry generally believes that 2012 will be a key year for LED lighting, but the current price of LED lighting products is still high, 400 lumens is about $3, and it is still a lot of effort to reach the market's estimated market price. Space, therefore, more need for policy coordination.
Compared with Europe and the United States, LED lighting applications have been standardized, and the mainland has also launched plans for ten cities and ten thousand. Li Bingjie believes that the Taiwan government’s policy is not clear enough, although there are plans to eliminate incandescent bulbs in 2012, but There are obviously insufficient incentives for LEDs .
Li Bingjie stressed that the lighting market will take some time to brew, but as long as the penetration rate of LED lighting can grow at a rate of 2 to 5% per year from 2012 , the LED industry not only does not have to worry about oversupply, but also solid-state lighting. Each growth of 2 percentage points is equivalent to 20 to 30% of the demand for TV applications, and the LED industry is expected to connect to a wave of LED lighting growth after the large-size panel backlight .
Recent LED epitaxial crystal factory in the mainland to set up factories become the focus of investment, said Li Bingjie, currently in the mainland to set up factories to crystal power BEOL LED die mainly, but also is planning to evaluate the mainland planning to set up a new plant, in principle, The general will consider the location to the south, but in the early stage, it will be the first stage of the process. Whether it will expand the upstream process capacity to the mainland, it will take another period of observation.

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