Industrial fermentation automatic control solution

With China's accession to the WTO, getting in touch with international standards has become a challenge for us. This is our opportunity as well as our challenge. In particular, traditional industries such as steel, machinery, chemicals, and light industry will face the power of foreign companies. pressure. Enterprises in these industries are in urgent need of improvement in management and production efficiency, of which the automation reform will be the top priority and the only way to improve product quality and reduce costs.

In China's metallurgical, chemical, light industry, building materials, food, machinery and other industries, the use of IPCs in automation is ubiquitous, not only improving production efficiency, product quality, but also reducing production costs, enabling us to meet the entry into the WTO. World giants challenge.

Solution architecture:

Fermentation is a more complex biochemical reaction process, and its major characteristics are large lagging and time-varying. In the fermentation process, in order to ensure the optimal production, it is necessary to keep the microorganisms growing according to a certain trajectory.

China is a large country of light industry fermentation industry, but the control technology of this industry is generally relatively backward, the production is still dominated by manual control, the use of computer technology started late, the penetration rate is low. At present, the light industry fermentation industry is facing increasingly fierce global competition. Therefore, there is a strong demand for computer-based automatic control technology.

Beijing Huabei Shuntong Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in PC bus industrial computers. Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to providing the industry with a better and more stable working platform, with the demand for automation. Fully understand and many years of research and development, production experience for the majority of users with high reliability of industrial computers and industrial automation products. Its multiple models of industrial chassis, industrial CPU cards, industrial backplanes, and peripherals provide convenience for selection.

The following is a solution developed by a development company affiliated to an automation research institute in Liaoning Province using North China Industrial Control Products for alcohol fermentation control. This program has been implemented in many factories in the alcohol fermentation industry and has achieved great benefits and has been widely used by users. Praise.

First, the system requirements:

1. Improve and stabilize product quality and reduce raw material consumption;
2. Adopt advanced intelligent control algorithms to improve the control level;
3. Reduce manual participation, achieve pollution-free production, reduce quality risks;
4. Replacement of labor, reduce production costs;
5. Integrate measurement, control, and control to meet the needs of informationization and improve enterprise management and competitiveness.

Second, the system architecture diagram:

Third, system configuration and principle

This system uses North China Industrial Control RPC-500 host, analog acquisition card, analog output control card, composed of fermentation control system.

● System Configuration Motherboard: NORCO-630V
Industrial backplane: PBP-15P12
Chassis: RPC-500
CPU: Intel PIII 850
Hard disk: 40G
Memory: 256MB
32-channel optical analog input card 6-channel analog output card

● System principle

Optical isolation analog capture card detects the following parameters: fermentation temperature, disinfection temperature, ventilation, tank pressure, PH value, dissolved oxygen content, carbon dioxide, material flow and so on.

After data analysis, the system outputs analog control signals through the analog output control card to control the following parameters: fermentation temperature, PH value of fermentation broth, defoaming anti-chemical fluid flow, ventilation volume, and tank pressure.

The host computer can also communicate with the chief engineer and the plant manager through the local area network. The chief engineer and the plant manager can keep abreast of the operation of the whole plant's fermenter and facilitate real-time monitoring and management.

Fourth, system evaluation

Based on the multi-parameter detection technology for the growth and metabolism of biological yeast, this system indirectly detects and analyzes unmeasurable parameters, and controls the generation, proliferation, matrix consumption, oxygen respiration, and CO2 production of metabolites through optimized control algorithms, so that the fermentation process is under automatic control. Among them, the effect of increasing production and reducing costs has been achieved.

The "YXPM Market Research Center" surveyed more than 1,000 typical users of North China Shuntong Technology Development Co., Ltd. and showed that: "North China Industrial Control" has become the preferred industrial control brand for a large number of Chinese users because it meets the needs of Chinese users. Five traits:

1.Quality: Through the "Scientific and Technological Achievements Appraisal" and the "First-Class Science and Technology Progress Award" of "North China Industrial Control," it not only has high reliability and stability, but also has excellent compatibility and expandability. Its excellent performance under continuous harsh environmental re-entry conditions enables stable operation over a long period of time to meet a variety of application requirements.

2, price: North China company to promote the brand as the first purpose. In terms of price strategy, formulate a price system that is suitable for Chinese users. Compared with the main competitors, the same product is nearly 30% cheaper. The high cost performance of the product not only makes your budget more outstanding, but also enhances your product's core competitiveness.

3. Brand: After several years of strategic implementation, “Industrial Control in North China” has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Brand awareness, market share, etc. are among the highest in the industry, in line with your implementation of brand-name strategy.

4. After-sales service: A powerful sales and service network consisting of eight branches, offices in major cities, and hundreds of agents across the country, as well as on-line after-sales services that span the concept of time and space, ensure the rapid after-sales service. Efficient. The service system is legendary.

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