Industrial-grade high-pressure cleaner works

Industrial-grade high-pressure cleaner works

The high-pressure cleaner is composed of two parts: a booster pump and a power drive unit. The function of the water booster pump is to form a certain amount of water into a pressure flow. The minute/flow rate and pressure of the pump means that the pump has the ability to pass so much water through the nozzle in one minute and generate the measured pressure value.

In order to generate water flow, most high-pressure washers use a set of valves and pump heads to form a system. The plunger pulls water into the inlet valve and pressurizes it through the outlet valve. The valve controls water through the pump by preventing backflow.

The valve consists of a spring and a bracket, and the pressure operation is completed due to different pressure differences on both sides of the valve. When the pressure on the valve is greater than the capacity of the spring, the valve opens. On the opposite stroke, water will automatically squeeze the bracket onto the seat, keeping the valve closed and preventing backflow.

The size of the water flow can be controlled in three ways, by increasing or decreasing the inner diameter of the pump head, by lengthening or shortening the stroke of the plunger. By increasing or slowing the reciprocating speed of the plunger.

Discussion on the composition and failure of the cleaning machine

1. The heart of the washing machine is the high pressure pump. They are in an irreplaceable position. Piston pumps are the most common. Because they are more efficient and have a longer life, the pistons are usually made of ceramic and are very resistant to wear. Piston pumps are often described. Move a piston back and forth. Through a fixed seal; and the piston pump seal is mounted on the plunger. The piston pump usually has better initial service characteristics through a smooth cylinder wall, but it cannot operate with excessive pressure and has a short life. .

2. The capacity of the pump depends on the speed of the pump. The pump must allow the same amount of water to come in and out. It does not increase or decrease the flow like a centrifugal pump. The piston pump has a very stable water flow parameter. No matter how high the pressure ejects out of the flow, the clogging of the nozzle outlet will cause the high pressure pump to bear too much pressure. Therefore, devices such as pressure relief valves are installed in the system.

3. When the piston moves backwards, water is sucked into the sealed chamber through the inlet valve. When the piston moves forward, water is forced through the outlet valve to the pump outlet. Most piston pumps are double or triple. Dual piston pumps require more and more stringent system components and operators. Triple pumps are the most versatile form of pressure washers because they produce a smoother flow of water. High-speed pumps can produce less pressure loss and require less starting torque. However, it can cause faster wear, less inhalation, and can be noisy and potentially damaging.

4. 90% failure of high-pressure cleaners is usually not due to pumps. The most common failures are caused by wear of components or components (such as nozzle seals). Insufficient water in the pump is the primary cause of early pump failures. Improper water pipes do not allow sufficient water to enter the pump causing cavitation. Cavitation causes a small explosion of gas mixed with water to cause overpressure damage and wear on the piston surface.

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