Intel Sensing Technology Great Leap Forward UAV, Robot Battlefield

Electronic enthusiasts eight o'clock: PC market growth momentum slows down, Intel (Intel) is actively investing in emerging fields, and the benefits of perceptual computing technology have been gradually developed for many years. RealSense sensing technology has been greatly enhanced, not only has been introduced into PCs and mobile devices, but also expanded. And in the fields of drones and robots, with the variety of drones and ASUS robots Zenbo, the market is paying more attention to RealSense. Due to the continuous strengthening of RealSense technology and the increase of partners, Intel is expected to be in the world of drones and robots. The platform battlefield is in the main corner.

In recent years, Intel has refocused on the role of technology research and development leader, hoping to regain the industry's right to speak with technology, in addition to continuously improving semiconductor process technology, and in terms of platform application, optimistic about the rapid rise of natural intuitive computing, will surpass the existing touch generation, personal The operation is gradually turned to perceptual computing, and the related smart device application will approximate the human sensory function and be able to closely detect the user's intention.

Intel started investing in perceptual computing research and development since 2012. At that time, Intel Capital also established a $100 million perceptual computing fund to accelerate the development of related software technologies. With the enhancement of perceptual computing technology, Intel officially changed its name to RealSense RealSense technology, and released a variety of new kits, actively importing various platform applications, including gestures, faces, speech recognition and object tracking, expression detection, background shifting In addition to other functions, including NB, tablet, AIO PC, mobile phones and other built-in RealSense real-life camera devices.

RealSense Reality Camera uses deep sensing technology to integrate depth and detection details through 3D depth and 2D image integration, allowing users to scan 3D objects and control the computer through gestures to create an immersive video chat environment; RealSense 3D camera An integrated camera like the human eye allows the PC to understand and respond to natural movements in 3D space thinking, and interacting with the device will be like a natural communication between people.

Intel also introduces RealSense into a variety of innovative devices, such as robots, smart cars, virtual reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Hybrid Reality (MR), drones, etc. UAV technology development, including investment in micro-unmanned aircraft manufacturer Ascending, electronic flight device manufacturer Yuneec, commercial drone development operating system operators integrating hardware and software and cloud services, Airware and PrecisionHawk, recently re-acquisition of computer vision processing technology The new entrepreneur, Movidius, fully integrates RealSense technology.

Intel is also actively deploying the field of industrial and home robots, providing an open platform to expand the robotic ecosystem, and by investing in the acquisition and acceleration of the robot platform, and investing in robotic startup Savioke in early 2016.

Intel RealSense technology has become the key technology for robot development, making the robot's visual perception closer to the real world image, making the machine interaction more natural and smooth. It was previously adopted by iRobot, and recently won the order of ASUS's first home robot Zenbo. Hot home service robot topic.

It is expected that Intel's years of RealSense technology will be more mature and widely used, and 2017 will be an important tool for Intel to attack the battlefield outside the PC. In addition, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will deliver a keynote speech at the CES pre-show press conference on January 4, 2017, focusing on multiple areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) 5G technology, VR and autonomous driving. The new generation Kaby Lake processor platform will also be Full debut.

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