iOS6 perfect escape release

iOS6 perfect escape release The foreign media gottabemobile reported that whether iOS iOS's perfect jailbreak was released was in fact not related to the release of iOS 6.1, which distorted the intent of planetbeing.

Prior to this, jailbreak team iPhone Dev-Team member planetbeing had said on Twitter that his iPhone 5 had been jailbroken for iOS 6.0.2. The reason why jailbreak was not released was because publishing this perfect jailbreak would affect the research they reserved for themselves. The new firmware and jailbreaking vulnerabilities, followed by iOS 6.1, will soon be released. The new firmware may break this perfect jailbreak, so now they have no reason to sacrifice the loopholes that it wouldn't otherwise block.

Many people think that Planetbeing's passage illustrates that he and other developers plan to post jailbreak after iOS 6.1 is released. However, according to the latest information released by Planetbeing, whether iOS iOS's perfect jailbreak is actually released has nothing to do with the release of iOS 6.1. He wrote on Twitter: "iOS 6.1 is entirely irrelevant to that reason." -- iOS 6.1 has nothing to do with what I said.

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LED Tube Light

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