IoT business opportunities, M2M application in the 3G market began to take off

At the beginning of this year, due to the high price of 3G modules in M2M applications, the enquiry was relatively deserted, but the take-off trend is expected at the end of the year.

Telit Taiwan and Southeast Asia Regional Manager Wang Zhengde said that compared with the beginning of this year, the price reduction rate was about 20%, and the enquiry began to increase. Wang Zhengde said that the application of 3G modules in M2M is mainly in high-end navigation devices and AVL (AutomaTIc Vehicle LocaTIon). He also gave examples. In response to frequent carjacking cases, the Brazilian government has legislation that requires new vehicles to have AVL function. In addition, for handheld devices, industrial PDAs have also been upgraded to 3G / 3.5G. For the Taiwan market, Wang Zhende's rough estimate of the actual mass production of terminal products in Taiwan next year can reach 3 million units.

For example, smart meter reading devices such as electric meters and water meters have accumulated a long history of use. Therefore, many manufacturers need to use 3G data transmission technology to enable products to meet future needs in an environment without a 2G network. Telit sees the needs of customers, so in addition to the existing connector interface 3G technology products, it also provides BGA technology 3G modules. In the 2G segment, Telit introduced the world's smallest 2G module with built-in A-GPS receiver. Wang Zhengde said that it is particularly suitable for highly integrated positioning solutions, such as automotive, tracking or security applications.

As for whether M2M applications will spread to 4G in 2013, Wang Zhengde said that it is impossible to estimate the actual demand. He believes that the key to the success of this matter lies in the success or failure of 4G mobile phones. Because of the application of 4G M2M, in addition to the maturity of the network infrastructure, terminal products must also spread from mobile phones to other devices.

The biggest difference between Telit and traditional wireless manufacturers is that they specialize in the M2M (machine-to-machine) market. Originally focused on the European market, it entered the Asia-Pacific market in 2007, and acquired the M2M division of Motorola in 2010. At present, the top ten customers do not exceed 30% of revenue, and the risk is quite dispersed.

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