Jiuyuan Q3 revenue season reduced by 16% Q4 still has a low season effect

[High-tech LED News] Due to the rapid cooling demand of LED pick-up and foundry, Jiuyuan’s September revenue was NT$196 million, a record low since February 2010, a decrease of 12.01% from the previous month and a decline from the same period last year. 31.96%, Q3 revenue of NT$681 million, a decrease of 16.1% in the quarter. The accumulated revenue for the first three quarters was NT$2.231 billion, with an annual growth rate of only 1.96%.

From the perspective of the revenue structure of Jiuyuan in September, the proportion of LED cutting inspections accounted for 50.3%; the proportion of IC testing OEMs accounted for 40.06%; the proportion of machine assembly sales and other parts was 9.68%.

Looking forward to the market outlook, Jiuyuan said that the current order visibility is not high. It is estimated that the October revenue will not differ much from September. It is expected that Q4 will still have a low season effect, and the demand for LED picking agents will be lower than Q3.

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