Kangshu's May revenue hit 21 months, the new high hand in cooperation with Shengmao LED street lamp factory

Kangshu's recent performance explosiveness gradually emerged. The combined revenue in May hit a 21-month high. In addition to taking a large number of orders from Apple, the company attacked the mainland market and established a LED street lamp factory with Henan Shengmao Optoelectronics to target the future. Installed tide.

In the first quarter of this year, Kangshu consolidated revenue of 5.267 billion Taiwan dollars, setting a new high in nearly 21 months. The difference between the initial estimate in June and May is not large. From this point of view, the single-quarter consolidated revenue is about NT$6.2-6.3 billion, and the quarterly growth rate is 20%, much higher than the previous law said. The number of digits grows."

For the LED street lamp market, Kangshu chose Shengmao Optoelectronics, which is the No. 1 market share in Henan Province, to set up a factory in a joint venture, and to expand the Midwest market. The initial estimated annual output value is at the level of several billion yuan.

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