LED backlight penetration is not as good as expected TV manufacturers turn back CCFL

Affected by weak consumption in mature markets such as Europe, the United States and Japan, and heavy inflation pressures in emerging markets, the LED-backlit LCD TV LCD TV market, which has been highly regarded this year, has recently increased dramatically. Not only the backlight module maker Zhongqiang Optoelectronics estimates that the shipment of TV backlight modules will be reduced by 30% in the second quarter of this year. More and more supply chain manufacturers also said that some brands have recently turned to develop CCFL cold cathodes. The new model of lamp backlighting is expected to have a relevant effect on the supply chain, which may gradually emerge in the second half of this year.

According to recent industry estimates, the shipment penetration rate of LED-backlit LCD TVs in the first quarter of this year is about 35%. It is estimated that the penetration rate in the second quarter of this year may reach 40%, but it may not even reach 40%. If the penetration rate of LED backlights in the first half of the year is as slow as expected, it is estimated that the average penetration rate of LED-backlit LCD TVs in 2011 will reach 40%-50% even before the end of the year. It may only be around 40%, which is much lower than the 50% optimistic estimate of the market at the beginning of the year.

At present, the market adjustment agency's estimate of the global LCD TV market in 2011 still maintains 2.1-220 million units, and the annual growth rate is estimated to be over 10%. However, even if the quantity remains the same, the change in product mix will still have a qualitative impact on LCD TV supply chain manufacturers.

Mainly because of the earthquake in Japan, the Japanese market, which was conservatively viewed this year due to the end of the subsidy policy, has become more boring due to the tightening of consumer willingness. In addition, mature markets such as Europe and the United States face debt and high oil prices. Emerging markets are under inflationary pressures and many variables in the environment, which has increased the price sensitivity of the recent LCD TV LCD TV consumer market.

This has led to some LCD TV brand manufacturers (such as Samsung, SONY, etc.), and has recently re-entered the development of new CCFL-backlit LCD TV models. The time from the design and development of new models to the mass production will take several months to estimate. The relevant effects of these new CCFL models on the TV supply chain may gradually emerge in the second half of this year.

For suppliers such as LEDs and light guides, the contribution from TV backlights this year is in line with expectations, and I am afraid it will continue to be observed.

For component manufacturers who need LED backlights or CCFL backlights, such as backlight modules and optical film suppliers, the focus of observation may be on product mix changes, product price trends, revenue and gross The impact of interest rates.

As for CCFL backlight related CCFL lamps and diffuser suppliers, although the introduction of CCFL new models may bring unexpected performance contributions, the product price decline trend still has to be cautious. In particular, the new models introduced in response to the high price sensitivity increase, from the upstream components to the mid-to-bottom system assembly, brand end, in fact, there are strong cost pressures must be overcome.

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