LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

When Edison invented the first light bulb in human history, he must have never imagined that one day the light bulb could be so varied: it can freely convert 16 million colors, can remotely control the switch, adjust the brightness freely, and flash with the rhythm, even It also has an alarm clock function... This is the popular LED smart light bulb. It can be connected to mobile devices such as mobile phones through connection technologies such as Bluetooth or wifi. The switch, color and brightness can be freely controlled on the mobile app.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

The smart bulbs sold on the market today are not too small, but the performance is not high. Today Xiaobian will bring you to experience a cheap and fun smart light bulb - Snowlight Led smart light bulb, a domestically produced cheap smart light bulb that was just launched in June this year (Jingdong online price is 129 yuan), this product is because The professional lighting brand, the lighting performance is reliable, the intelligence is not weak, the focus is the price of the people, cheaper than Philips HUE, millet yeelight, very suitable for novices to play.

Simple and stylish packaging

The ultra-simple outer packaging, in addition to the logo in the upper left corner of the box, there is no other super-modification, perfectly integrated with the small and stylish light bulb, it is easy to fall in love at first sight!

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

Professional LED bulbs have good illumination

As a light bulb, good lighting is still the focus. This light bulb has not been intelligently taken over. It is still perfect in light distribution technology, materials and craftsmanship. It uses high-quality LED lamp beads, professional light distribution technology, and transparent PC lampshade. High light transmission and impact resistance; the light bulb shines well, adhering to the snowlet health LED lighting concept, energy saving, environmental protection, health and safety.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

Smart Bluetooth 4.0 technology connection is stable

This light bulb Bluetooth 4.0 technology realizes intelligent connection, which is more stable and reliable than wifi. It is more convenient than router and consumes less energy. After installing the light bulb, turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, and the QR code on the mobile phone scanning manual installs “麦窝” APP. According to the steps to connect the light bulb, you can easily control the light bulb switch, the color of the light, the brightness of the light, etc. in the mobile APP.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

Variety of colors to change

The fun of LED smart bulbs is that color conversion can be easily realized. In principle, 16 million color conversions can be realized! On the "Wowo" APP interface of Snowlight's light bulb, select the color mode, click on the different colors of the bubbles on the screen, you can realize the color change in one second. Of course, you can also use the camera color picking function. How to change.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

Easy to create atmosphere with one click

Of course, you can also freely control the brightness and color, or directly use the scene mode, and easily change to the appropriate lighting mode, such as the warm warm white light suitable for the two-person world, the softer lighting when watching TV, and the comfortable brightness when reading the book. The lights... these can be achieved with app adjustments.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

Interesting interaction can't stop

In addition to the mainstream control of brightness, color, etc., there are more interesting interactive games in the app of this light bulb, such as pop-ups, roaring, children's words and other fun interactions, playing with the light bulbs, letting you stop at all. Come down.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

The bulb can also be used as an alarm clock.

This light bulb can also be used as an alarm clock. You can use the timing function on the Maiwo APP to set the time to switch control in advance, use the light to remind you to fall asleep at night or wake you up in the morning, which is gentler than the alarm clock ringtone. Spectrum.

LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Experience: Fun and cheap

Summary: This LED smart light bulb recommended today can be said to perform well in lighting performance and intelligence. It is commendable that the price is very close to the people. It is much cheaper than the hundreds of thousands of smart lights on the market. It should be the current one hundred yuan light bulb. The most worthwhile to start. This product is currently on sale in Jingdong, there is a full reduction activity, and interested friends can take the opportunity to start.

Grid screen is a kind of screen which is composed of light bars. It is another name of light bar screen. Because its form is hollow type, net format, so people in the industry call it grid screen, hollow screen and so on. This kind of display screen is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, as well as outdoor anti-aircraft guns, sightseeing elevators, etc.     

curtain screen   

  Due to the special structure of the product, different from the box type display screen, led grid screen has the following characteristics:          

1. Light weight, small wind load          

For the screen, light weight is our most intuitive experience. Because it is a screen grid, which enables the display to ventilate, so its wind load capacity is very strong.        


 2. High efficiency and low power consumption          

 Real energy saving comes from: high brightness, high light efficiency LED lights, high conversion efficiency power supply.          

3. Highly integrated        

Highly integrated (built-in power supply and receiving card, each unit can work independently; power supply and signal wire are connected).          

4.  IP67 high protection level            

The grid screen has a high protection level of IP67, and the safety and stability of use are guaranteed.        

5. easy to install          

No steel structure installation, no air conditioning, can be installed before or after.

Light Weight And Thin

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